Friday, December 16, 2011

Christmas Getaway

The funny thing is when Levi went down to the basement to snag our suitcase and brought it into the dining room I knew that it was like setting out honey for flies. Guess what? I was right! Here kiddy kiddies come to my trap...I mean suitcase!

There is something about boxes and suitcases for kids that beckons them to crawl inside and play. And today was no different!

Den and I are going to spend the weekend downtown. It's Den's annual company Christmas party, and most years we try to make it a whole weekend getaway too. So this afternoon I am packing. Making sure that my dress ensemble is ready to go, and Den's suit is all set as well. It's a beautiful soiree, and all the glitz makes me melt, but then put in 300 people that I have to mingle with and it sort of .....taints it... but's a party, right?

Anyway, the highlight is Den and I time. So excited! Hotel, cable (we haven't seen a commercial or a current tv show in 10 months), a big soaking tub, and some long walks downtown at Christmas time with my man. Yeah, that sounds pretty good about now!

Sooo....I'm thinking that opening up our heavy clunky suitcase and finding two little rascals in it may not be setting the right mood. Even though their giggles are pretty contagious!


Anonymous said...

No stow aways!! Lol I wonder if it would work as a rat trap


Trina said...

I banished them from the suitcase! lol

Anonymous said...

The boys are so cute...Much better than finding a rat inside. lol


Anonymous said...

I know I shouldn't be, but I'm envious! I wanted to go away for a couple days for a get-a-way, not just getting away to see family. I love my famiy, but doing something fun and spontaneous sounds like more fun right about now.


Lori said...

They are so precious! Enjoy your time alone with hubs though!! :)

Trina said...

Chantel, Yes a rat would have been followed by this mama screaming! Lol
Leslie, you guys really should plan something. You deserve it!! :-)
It feels good to be away, even if we are still in the same town. Lol

Trina said...

Lori, thank you! I'm really enjoying it. A whole lot of lazy so far. So nice!