Monday, January 23, 2012

Catch up!

Christmas in this old house was wonderful. It was everything I had hoped it would be and the size of this old house was perfect! Thank you, again, Lord for this old house of ours.

We put everything away after the New Years and it was nice to see everything return back to normal. I always love to see the lights and all the decorations, but it's also refreshing to see everything tucked away and the home back to it's uncluttered self again.

I had gotten really sick for a few days on New Years, but the Lord was merciful and I recovered. The brethren and my parents were so good to take care of me and my family. Even though it was a great trial, I can see the beauty of the Lord working.

We missed Dale and Chantel's adoption party that was the week after New Years, because of my sickness. We had bought airline tickets to attend months before, however we managed to bump out the tickets for 3 weeks later. I believe the Lord's hand was all over the timing though. We just returned home late last night/or very early this morning, really. Spending time with them and their 2 beautiful little girls and, of course, Andy was good for our souls. We ate and ate and ate and we spent quiet days enjoying one another.

We went to church there in Fort Lupton and I was able to meet all the people that she has vividly told me about, and I wasn't disappointed. They are all kind brethren. We also had a beautiful meeting with some amazing singing. After church we visited for a bit and were invited to Bro. Landis and Sis. Miranda's home; to which I must say was gorgeous! She made a delicious dinner and we had some good visiting on life and God.

Shortly after we headed to the airport and reached home sweet home.

This post is mostly for me. It's a reminder of God's goodness and not very entertaining. However, this is my life... :)

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