Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Wrapping Presents or Presents Wrapped

What is my least favorite part of decorating and preparing for Christmas? Ohhh you didn't ask me that? Well I'm going to enlighten you....


Yep, you heard me correctly.

I try to pick out matching wrapping paper that I can live with all month long, sitting in my living room. It doesn't really matter because by the time the boys have asked me for the 14th time if they can pull out their presents, shake them, press them, and put them up towards the light they look like they have had it! Yet, I can't bare to let the important decision of wrapping paper fall by the wayside. lol Am I the only one?


Anyway, this year the Black Friday haul wasn't as complicated. I still have certain children that I haven't bothered to shop for yet, at all. So the gift wrap, bows and name tags will stay hidden behind the tree til more presents find their way to me. But that doesn't really happen, does it? Presents don't just FIND their way to me...nope there is agonizing hours of thinking, shopping and debating with many opinionated people to have a single present "find it's way to me".

Well, it's totally worth it all for Christmas day, so don't misread the above statements.

This year I was lazy. I normally go to great pains trying to disguise gifts from the children. Part of the fun has been trying to lead them astray, but this year I decided that my clever (laziness) non-disguise gifts may very well make them all believe that the gifts (that weren't wrapped differently), may indeed not be what they think they are. It's all very complicated in this house, but if you live here....you get it!

Plus, the number one present detecter of all time is Isaiah, and he doesn't live here, so I'm a little off my game!

Well I just had to post a post about present wrapping and how proud I am and all!

So proud! hehehe


Nan said...

Hello stranger! I'm having fun rediscovering blogs! So good to "see" you again and your gorgeous family! I think the last time I was over here you only had 5 boys! Truly, you have a beautiful, beautiful family. What a blessing.

Trina said...

Thank You Nan! It HAS been a crazy long time! I was going through your blog, your family is amazing too!! It sounds like you have made some big changes and that you are doing well! :)