Thursday, December 01, 2011

Love Is Peeling Tangerines

3 little monkeys hanging from our tree.

Or maybe 2 since Boaz looks all sweet, innocent and non participatory in this photo! (Boy photos can be deceiving! lol)

I was going through my Picasa pics this morning and this one makes my heart sing. boys! I am a mom to many boys...

I feel like that's all I have been at times; a mom. I have been a mom, doing the very same mom thing for over 2 decades. That's crazy! That's really giving a lot of time to your art. I should be REALLY good by now, right? hahaha

So Den was working really late last night, and this left it up to me to do, with the evening, any way I pleased. I made some alfredo fettucini (upon Abram's request) and we all sat in the living room watching Spongebob. It was very uneventful, boring even... but watching them all devour their food made me feel good. Then Boaz was STILL hungry so I grabbed a bag of cold tiny tangerines out of the fridge. You would have thought I brought out a bag of Hershey kisses. I brought a plate and began to peel, and peel...and peel and peel and get the idea, right?! It's like peeling tiny golf balls for hungry villagers all night long! GEESH! Tangerines are a true form of love if you are the village peeler!

After all the tangerines had been peeled, ate and seeds spit out into tiny hands and handed to me all the live long evening we were done. Everyone had grabbed a blanket and was happily snuggled in. Little boy bodies laying all over the living room and I thought you know what?... This is what Motherhood is all about. It's about feeding your children, making sure all their needs are met, and that they feel safe and loved. At the end of every day that's it.

One day they will go out in to the world and they will make their own way and hopefully they will remember what is really important and continue to fall back to the basics that their momma gave them.

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