Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Martin Christmas Decorations

Christmas in this house is painted in red and gold.
We have lots of old Christmas ornaments that decorate our tree. And everyone has a favorite.

This Angel was purchased the first year of our marriage. She is 23 years old. She has seen some amazing Christmas mornings. We chose her because she had dark hair. Apparently, angel makers have a hard time using brown or black paint as a choice for an angel's hair. hahaha So she is special!
This is the only ornament that is homemade. River made it in first grade. It used to smell like cinnamon. So that makes this ornament 15 years old. Why don't I have more homemade ornaments? Well I homeschool most of the time and therefore the boys don't bring home homemade Christmas gifts from school, and I'm not into making homemade ones with them either. So this is a special story because of that reason.

Here are the boys' stockings. Having JilleeAnna as a part of the family makes us stop and think about how to handle stockings and all sorts of traditions. Do we buy one for her, or do we give River his, or do we just wait and buy little stockings with grandbabies names on them. It's all so confusing as we make our way into another generation. We are still navigating our ever expanding traditions, with lots of family discussions. We will find the right fit as we go....

(Okay upon further family review we ordered Mrs. JilleeAnna's stocking today. She got to choose it even. It's being monogrammed and will be here soon. Yay!! )
This little brass angel is one of my favorites. She is very old too. Den has always had a soft spot for angels and I am in love with snowmen, but we find beauty in both.
We bought this little gold heart with red beads a couple decades ago. It's what Christmas represents...love...
We have these bells hanging on the front door and every time someone uses the door it sounds like Santa and his reindeer have arrived. Very Christmasy!
These are complety handmade and handpainted by Den's grandmother. Very special, indeed. Now we have never taught our boys about Santa. Well they understand the story, but we have never ran with it. However, Dennis's grandmother sends us Santa figurines and containers and therefore because we know they are made and purchased with such love we have them placed all over the house. We embrace Santa has a fun story, but we remember what the real reason is for this season. CHRIST.
Every little snowman or Santa is a box or set of boxes that has been sent by Den's grandparents, each year, for Christmas. They arrive at our doorstep filled with all sorts of goodies. The boys can't wait to see what little guy will come to join our Christmas family and, of course, devour the cookies and candy inside!

Please don't be bashful about reminding people that we have such a beautiful and happy holiday for one reason, and one reason alone, because Christ was born. So please have the courage and the joy to say, "Merry Christmas!"


Anonymous said...

How about stockings for daughter in laws and two each for all the little grand babies. A wise man once said " there is nonsuch thing as go many stockings" hehehe

Trina said...

Two each for all the little grandbabies? Stockings are a GOOD thing...lol!!

Amber said...

You have such beautiful decorations! They make your house looks so warm and happy. =) Every year in my house we string popcorn and cranberry's. One year I couldn't sleep one night and so I stayed up and strung all the popcorn & berry's we needed and put on twinkle lights until like 3 or 4 in the morning. I was tired in the end, but it was nice to have the tree FINALLY ready to decorate the next morning. Hannah was all excited, to her it was almost like Christmas fairies had come to visit during the night. I love this time of year! Decorations, homemade goodies and all the family coming to town!! It's my favorite.

Trina said...

Wow Amber that is impressive and dedicated for sure! My sister has strung popcorn and cranberries too I know it is a lot of hard work!! What a sweet memory for Hannah!