Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

It's Thanksgiving!

It's 7:07am, but I've been up since about 6am. Not doing anything terribly important, because Den hopped up and put the turkey on earlier. I did put my cornbread/sourdough square pieces back in the confection oven to dry out some more. I have a great recipe I am going to try, but I'm always nervous trying out a new recipe on such an important meal.

I made my mom's awesome dinner rolls that I remember when I was girl, but my yeast must be bad because those rolls didn't rise to the occasion. The disappointment put me in a sour mood for sure, but thankfully we are so spoiled in this society that I can always run to the grocery store to find a stand in.

I have Christmas music drifting in the house this morning. This is one of our busiest weeks; Thanksgiving, Black Friday Chaos, Wrapping presents, Setting the Christmas tree up along with all the other decorations.

This year we will be celebrating Roman's birthday too. We have had a bug in the house and we have wanted to wait until all the brothers can participate so Roman has waited very sweetly and patiently for it. He amazes me sometimes.

Today we will be headed to Rusty and Mary's house along with our entire family. Yes, River and JilleeAnna will be with us for the holidays this year, and yes Isaiah, Levi, Abram, Roman and Boaz will be in attendance. It should be a really nice day with everyone, and I hope that your Thanksgiving is meaningful. Even though there is a lot of stress at times making sure that this day is everything it is cracked up to be try not to lose the point. I guess the point is supposed to be the same as every other day of our lives, though, Give thanks to God for all that we have. Count your blessings and today shout it from the rooftop, or maybe across the dinner table over the turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, and not-so-great dinner rolls (oh that's just me)....

You get the idea!

Happy Thankgiving to you all!

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