Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Make Room. It's Coming In.

The gigantic shelf was moved from the back of the house and brought in beside the dining room table. I can see it clearly from the living room now. I really like the change.

Here it is again from the kitchen view. Isn't it amazing how the green wall looks different on the wall then in between the cubicles?
This is the vacant space waiting for the piano. You can see the stuff that came down from the wall. I will need to wait to rehang some things.

So I've been in the mood for change around here. It's really no surprise, I like change, at least around my house. Change helps me stay organized and clean. I find that if things stay the same at my house for six months, pretty soon, it turns into a catch-all for everyone.

You should hear the moans and groans I get when I'm ready to move a piece of furniture though. Didn't I give birth to six strapping sons? Yes...yes I did, so quit sniveling men....

Well I have been hankering for a new-to-me piano. I've wanted one for a very long time, but especially since I have sons that are old enough to learn to play. I missed that opportunity with my first two boys because our houses didn't have the room for one. But this house was designed for one. It's been calling for the sound of the ivory keys every since the day I moved in, or maybe it whispered this to me when I first peered through the living room window, and it was all abandoned and calling for life, again. Yep, that's when it did!

Anyway, I've been talking to Den about it and I even told him the very spot that one would live, but because I had my huge IKEA shelving there it seemed like all the men, in this house, shook their heads in disbelief. Ohhhh but don't they know the little woman in this house? If moving, reconfiguring and reorganizing is what it will take to get the motivation kindled than watch out!

So today I did it. Well to give proper credit; Levi, Abram and myself did it! Ohhh the littles did their part by staying out of the way (don't underestimate that gift).

Levi said that it would be too crowded by the table, but I didn't let him dissuade me. Nope, it was moving and it would look great. This piece of furniture/shelving has been an IKEA purchase 3 years ago and boy has it been a blessing! Honestly, I could fill the whole thing with just books (I homeschool, remember), but I really need the cubbies for so many things, and I still want it to look appealing to the eye.

Some people think that IKEA stuff is junk, and I can say that it's definitely NOT heirloom material, but for a family that is packed to the rafters with family, friends and homeschooling it's the perfect fit! It's made it through 3 moves, even. I would say that it was a noteworthy investment.

So let's see how long it takes to get that piano moved in....

It's coming house...don't worry......

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