Monday, November 21, 2011









These are the things that my life is made of. I almost hear music in the background as I type this. The kind of music like "Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah" or something. It's full of ruckus at times, and yet full of love. I feel blessed. I wanted to type lucky, but I flat out don't believe in luck, so that would have been clearly untrue.

Even though I know that I am blessed with all these little gems, at times, I feel overwhelmed. The funny thing is it's a mindset!

I was laying in bed this morning, after sleeping a delicious sleep ( I don't always sleep that wonderfully), and I was thankful as soon as I was awakened. I counted my sleeping blessing.

Then I could see out my bedroom window (because the curtains aren't on the window just yet, since we are drywalling) and I saw this beautiful yellow leaved tree and the rain dripping down the pane of my window. This was beautiful.

I thought about how I can hop out of bed, at my own will and make myself a steaming hot pot of coffee, and enjoy a cup with some pretty tasty creamer. This is the good life people!

I immediately start planning the meal (click on "meal" and I will show you the main dish I'm fixing.) I am going to cook for the family, tonight, that just had a healthy baby boy, and I even felt a little excited about getting that started.

The laundry....well let's just say it's my achilles heel since our little bedroom remodel, but I just decided not to dwell too long on this little chore. (Probably should though, I need to quit procrastinating and knock it out!)

Anyway, as I laid there I thanked God. I prayed about the other stuff that we all are burdened with, and thought how blessed I am. Life is a mindset! WE CAN CONTROL IT! We can be happy, learn to be content, count our blessings, and we should!

My life is not full of lollipops, helium balloons, and rainbows everyday. Absolutely not! Whose is? I have sorrow and I let my mind wander there for a while, trust me, but it doesn't do me ANY good. If I could fix those sorrows it would be one thing, but honestly the whole point is to learn how to leave them with God. He is perfect. He knows just what to do. I need to be willing to go when He tells me to go and speak when He tells me to speak, but until then...I will wait and I will be happy!

Counting my blessings, and you know what this is a full time job! It feels pretty good too. I guess God knew what He was doing when He put that in His word!

Have a have a "blessed" day!


Anonymous said...

I am looking forward to dinner tonight! i can almost smell that roast cooking from here


Trina said...

We just sampled ours and it's pretty darn good, babe! Hurry home!

Lori said...

LOVE this post!! I needed it!