Saturday, November 05, 2011

Two Joined Together For The Same Purpose

These two japanese maple trees are in our front yard. They mark the beginning of our sidewalk that leads to our front door. I am so fond of them. I went out this rainy Oregon November morning to photograph their beautiful changes.

This house was built in 1915. I've been told that one of Oregon's first judges lived here. I've also been told that the landscaping is from that era, or at least a good portion of it. This makes my heart sing. To know that someone's work, planning, and dreaming is still here today. It's inspiring. They have left a legacy in a small way and I get to benefit from that. One of the main reasons I wanted to live in an old house all my life.

These two trees are mesmerizing to me. They remind me of Den and I; in a marriage. One is larger and stronger. It is the dark purple/red one. It was planted first or maybe it just took root better. The little orange one looks just like the purple/red one for most of the year. I had no idea that it would show itself in a different light this fall. Now I see the two joining together in a more meaningful and beautiful way. They look like one but they are two, this is the first time that from the outside, not looking at it's roots that you can tell that they are two joined together to form one.

Thank you Lord for all of your beauty!

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Lori said...

They are even more beautiful underneath! That is a treasure for sure!