Monday, November 07, 2011

All By Myself!

So with it being the end of daylight savings time I find myself WIDE AWAKE at 5:30am. My crickets are still chirping on my iphone's white noise and I ponder reaching down, turning it off, to catch up on Facebook, but any sudden change in noise may wake up the herd of boys, so I hesitate.

However, I think my hesitation lasts a whole nano second of me just sitting in the dark before I reach down and drag the cord my way so that the phone is in my hand. I click the off button and take a deep breath. I don't know what I thought would happen, but I'm relieved that the house just went deathly silent.

After a little snooping on Facebook and complaining that my inner clock is off I decide to do it; to get off my creaky bed (we are staying in the guest room upstairs while we renovate our bedroom downstairs), and decide I need to blog and make some coffee. As I carefully lower my feet to the ground I grimace at the 4 ft. high bed's racket. The house is pretty dark, but it will have to stay that way if I'm to escape the upstairs child-free! I see the stairs, but I know the stairs are NOT my friend. They make the most noise when you first think you are home free. The top 2 have to be avoided, which is difficult. So I gingerly place my foot on the second step off to the side, and to my joy very little sound is made. I'm starting to think that I'm going to get away with it, but I tell myself not to do the mommy dance just yet. That's always the first mommy to go; the one who thinks she is home-free and begins to celebrate too soon.

After I give myself the pep talk to push on and to remind myself that I'm not out of the woods yet I find myself at the bottom of the stairs without a peep from upstairs. The light of the living room is on and I get to see the layout of the downstairs. I see how messy it was after being gone most of the day and requiring nothing of anyone before church. It doesn't matter though...focus...I'm downstairs by 6am ALL... BY..... MYSELF!

I decide to hit the bathroom downstairs and I don't even have to shut the door, after all who will hear or see me? Little celebration smiles run across my face. I look around the bathroom only to see how messy it is TOO. I give myself a little "don't go there" talk, "Trina, don't go to housewife mode. Just enjoy the peace and quiet! Come on you can do it!"

I hop on my little stool that sets me at the computer and the white flicker of the monitor light pops up. It's almost blinding to my watery eyes. I type in my blog address and YES....I have enough peace and quiet to blog, to post....WOoooHooooOoo! Another great start to a Monday morning! High fives all around...oh wait it's just me! HIGH FIVE TRINA!

I hope your day is JUST as exciting and FANTASTIC LADIES!!


the mom~ said...

Yah for peaceful, quiet moments like these!

Trina said...

Exactly, Salena! :)