Saturday, November 05, 2011


Boaz is 3. He has big blue eyes and blond soft hair that we cut the same way every month (the basic little boy haircut). I say this because he is easy. All he needs is a nap (which means wherever he falls asleep while playing), some good food in his small belly, tons of love, and he is set everyday.

When Bo was born he was severely tongue tied at the very tip of his tiny tongue. Although it is a very simple snippet procedure I worried about whether the movement of his tongue would be good. I prayed and prayed for his speech, talking to the Lord regularly about this little worry that a mama naturally has. He was a champion nurser and this brought me some peace, but the day he said "dada", and I knew his little tongue touched the roof of his mouth to form a word I danced with joy. Since then he has spoke more clearly than any of my other boys. Of course, I never said a daily prayer for their speech as I did Boaz. God is he is phenomenal!

Although Boaz has been potty trained for a year now, he still asks Roman to go with him to the bathroom from time to time since he is a little spooked of the bathroom in the evening. Anytime I overhear the request I make sure Roman goes. Roman is a little reluctant at times, but overall he doesn't mind. At times I know that it's inconvenient, but it's the same thing that Roman requested and now it's his turn to repay that little gift back. I thank God all the time for the brotherhood that Roman and Boaz have. Being a little over 2 years apart is a great blessing in my life, but most importantly in theirs. I wasn't sure that I was truly ready to get pregnant when Roman was only 19 months old, but God knew that it was best and now I see the fruits of that every single day.

Bo has a little temper. If someone accidentally hurts him while wrestling with him, or during some other superhero game that takes place regularly, he has to be reminded what an accidental elbowing is and the difference when a brother does it intentionally. If he retaliates physically all the brothers are patient for a bit, but everyone corrects him quickly.

Because Bo is number 6 he doesn't know any different in the line of command. Having someone tell him what to do is very much his norm. He cries when he doesn't get his way, but that doesn't happen that often because he, and the other boys, are very tenderhearted and can't handle anyone being sad for long. Some sort of compromise quickly rises to the rescue.

My little boys eat together, play together, bathe, get the idea. Abram being homeschooled has made a strong threesome too, and I am thankful. Watching my older three boys and the bond that they have gives me joy and peace while watching and raising my younger three.

Although they are distinctly different I can see how the Lord knew which order to bring each son into this family, and exactly how they will need to round each other out.


Anonymous said...

I love these thoughts. Reminds me of the 133 Psalm.

Trina said...

Hmmmm...I agree! Brotherhood is a beautiful thing! :)

Mrs. Mom said...

It is such a blessing how the Lord had Mercy. What a cutie he is and I like the scrapbook / magazine style page you made about him. He was just a toddler last time I saw him... well. Last August/September.