Monday, August 09, 2010

Toilet Training

While blowdrying my hair Boaz comes to me with his rubber shark that is dripping wet. He is as pleased as punch with himself and at first I smile back at him, relieved to see that he is content. You see he has been whiney today and murmuring and complaining ever since he woke up. So at first, my reaction was relief. BUT THEN it registers with this old mama brain the underlying question of, "Why is the shark wet?" I quickly think to myself is there water in the tub? Nooo. Hmmm can he reach the sink faucet and is he able to turn on the water? Nope. Then my smile drifts away slowly as I realize that the only water available to a two year old statured human is the toilet.

I turn off the blowdryer and head for the bathroom and sure enough the toilet seat is covered in water droplets. That's the scene of the crime for sure! Luckily, Roman flushed the toilet before abandoning the bathroom, otherwise it would be far more disgusting. So now toilet training, and not with the goal of big boy underwear.


meNmykids said...

Oh, yeah! My memory brings in some not so lovely pictures.... Hope this training goes

Trina said...

Im sure you can compete with me on the toilet training stories, Gale! hehehe

Colleen said...

Haha! That reminded me of an email I had gotten a while back about a father having a tea party with his little girl. She kept filling the tea cups and he kept drinking...the Mom realized when she got home. LOL