Saturday, June 27, 2009

Our Little Escapades

I'm still on "holiday", but since we have stopped by (you guessed it) a Starbucks to nab another delicious green tea soy latte I decided to whip out my little blue laptop and write about our romantic weekend. I meant to do it from the hotel room but for some reason we couldn't log-in, and we were too lazy to run the computer down to the lobby to have them figure it out. After all, we had better things to do, like hike around the city and eat stuff that wasn't on our latest cleanse. What cleanse was the question? lol Anyway, we have had such a lovely time together. Den went the extra mile with rose petals laid all over the hotel room floor, (poor maid) and fine tuned all the whimsical little details that said he had been thinking about me. I sure am lucky to have such a sweet man.

My favorite thing we did was to go the Melting Pot; which is a fondue restaurant. The cheese fondue was good, but the chocolate fondue absolutely sent me over the top of cloud nine. You see I haven't had ANY chocolate for such a long time that I almost when into sugar shock, but somehow I mustered enough will power to lick the last bit off the skewer. It was rich and decadent, but they had some marshmallows on the platter to dip and that about made me gag just loooking at it. Needless to say, I am NOT a marshmallow fan....AT ALL! Den did his fair share though and had a few bites so that they wouldn't go to waste. What a GUY!

We road the bus throughout town Thursday and Friday and since it was free we stayed on longer for little trips here and there. It was fun to be in the crowds and to be part of the scene, but it also made me appreciate our little slice of heaven on the ranch....we call it that but it is more of a sweet term for a little chunk of land that is filled with boys and animals.

Surprisingly, I couldn't sleep in, like I had planned. I guess I have just trained my body to get up early enough that it wasn't listening to me trying to reason with it to stay in that delicous slumber land just an hour more. Oh well....I enjoyed every moment of my extended weekend. I feel replenished and ready to head for home this evening. I spoke to Roman on the phone and his little toddler voice made me smile. Of course, he had to let me know that Levi said no when he wanted more food. I laughed, because Roman is always ready to eat, and so I said okay let me talk to Levi again, to which he said Mom...I tell you Levi said Noooooo. However, I am sure that the little man hasn't dropped any weight, but it is nice to hear that life is normal at home too. Seriously....I have a good life and I am keenly aware of all that is good in it.