Thursday, June 25, 2009

21 Years.....GEESH!

It is our anniversary today.....21 years! Honestly, is it just me or does this time of year roll around quicker and quicker for everybody? It is kind of scary that our anniversary is here again. I'm so thankful to have another year with Den. I see that this time is more and more precious as we continue to get older and older. I pray that we have many more to come together.

Den has planned a romantic getaway that starts this evening. We will be missing church tonight, but we will return for church on Sunday. We are staying downtown in a beautiful little hotel on the waterfront. I am excited. We haven't been able to do this all of our married life, because we didn't really have anyone to watch our kids, but for the last 3 years (counting this one) we have been letting the older boys babysit our younger boys for us. It has been such a treat to have the opportunity to have these weekends from time to time, they rejuvenate the spirit.

We stay close enough by that if there are any problems it is a quick return, but honestly we have heard of hiccups that the boys experience while we have been away and they haven't called us once, they just "man up" for lack of a better word. I sure appreciate their hearts and their diligence to keep Den and I on our date. They are incredible boys!

I had to laugh yesterday when I was speaking to Sis. Bridgette on the phone and I was telling her that Den and I were going to take off for our anniversary tonight, when she said she thought our anniversary was in March. I assured her that it wasn', but that March was a busy month for birthdays at our house, so maybe that was where she was confused. Then she giggled and said oh that's right you guys go away for your anniversary in June and end up with a baby in March! I laughed and agreed! To which I explained that Den and I had already thought of that, and that Den and I were pretty sure that another baby was not going to be squeezed in to the month of March AGAIN......good Lord willing. *wink wink*

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