Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Life, Time, God and Children

How quickly time is going by. It's kind of scary, really. I was going through pictures from the last year or two and even some of the videos and ran across last March. I was so very pregnant and anxiously awaiting Boaz. How slow the days dragged on while in waiting, but since then the months have soared by. I look at him while at the park yesterday and see how he is already one year old. He is walking, following Roman and Hailey about, independent of me. He is Roman's little shadow; already aware that he is needing to build a strong bond with this sibling. It is amazing to me that he is rapidly becoming his own identity. It makes me sad in some ways, but my heart also runneth over that God brought him in to our life with such perfection. After all, Roman and he will be best friends, with only two years between them, and both being boys; it is such a gift. I stand amazed at God's goodness.

Of course, my mind doesn't only ponder time and my children, but myself too. I won't be around forever, even if I live a long life it will be but a vapor that appeareth for a little while on this earth. I need to make my time here impactful. Impart all the values and wisdom about the Lord into my children as much as possible, and keep my relationship with God growing as well. Trying to not let a day go by where I don't intently pour my heart out to Him is a continuous goal. After all, I want Him to know who I am when I am standing there on judgement day, and if my sons are counted in the crowd than I can say, "job well done". This is my ultimate goal in this beautiful short lived life that God has given me.


Sis. Lori P. said...

Greetings fellow mother of six boys! :+) I love to listen in on your life. Where did my little last boy go who was 1 year old only 16 years ago? Ahhh, but I'm living it all over again with my grandsons and enjoying it all over again. Now I see the relationships my sons built together over those years of playtime turned into serious visits over the scriptures... building their relationship now with the Lord and each other in the way I hoped and longed for as I was wiping those sticky noses and sweeping up crumbs from the floor. Thank the Lord for our boys and thank the Lord for His listening ear each and every day we pour our hearts out to Him! BTW we have another grandSON on the way! Pelkey boys... gotta love 'em!

Anonymous said...

Sis Trina and Sis Lori,
What a beautiful example you are to us younger mothers. I can only pray that I can raise my little ones with a little of the grace you two so openly portray.

Sis. Sabriena said...

Isn't it amazing how when you are enjoying yourself, the time really flies, but when you aren't having such a good time (9 months pregnant, for example), it drags sooo s l o w l y.

Now I'm trying to remember here... it seems like maybe when you were getting fairly close with Boaz, that you wrote a post mentioning that the time was passing very slowly, but that you knew (from experience) that once it was over, it would go quickly... or something to that effect anyway?

Continue to enjoy your men and boys. They're really great guys. As far as I can see, they have great hearts toward the Lord, and it appears that you are doing very well teaching them how to be sons of God. Keep up the good work! If, one day, I have children, I hope to do as well with them as I can see you have with your boys.

Lori&Kevin said...

An admirable goal!!

meNmykids said...

Time does fly...I begin to worry that I haven't been diligent enough to share my love of the faith. But with God the center of our very life it would be impossible for them not to see it. Still, seems like long beautiful visits come up that enhance our lifesong. You've done such a wonderful job with your boys.