Monday, April 20, 2009


Watch out for the livestock trailer!!!

Things are beginning to change around here, LITERALLY. We have had a backhoe up here knocking down trees, widening our long driveway, and deepening our creek for swimming. It is exciting and yet sort of sad to see some of the mammoth trees come down.

However, our last winter brought with it a brutal snow storm. We got over three feet of snow, and with it came down seven gigantic trees; most of which criss crossed our driveway. Everyday we would walk the driveway to see if we were trapped or not, and several days in a row we were. Thankfully, we have some strong teen sons who went with us to remove the beastly trees. It was quite an adventure being out of electricity for so long and battling our own yard.

We are hoping that after the excavation we will get a permit from the fire department saying that a fire truck can now be mobile on our driveway. Luckily, we are not paying for this, but the guy that we are lease optioning this house from. It is part of our deal to move forward with this house. Poor fellow....because this is expensive.....but it has to be done.

So today is a gorgeous day! It is promised to be about 80 degrees. I LOVE HOT WEATHER!! Seriously, it makes me so very very happy! I am thinking I might take the little ones to the fountains today. Let the beautiful sunny days commence!


Sis. Sabriena said...

Wow, it sounds like a lot really has been changing around there! Sounds kind of fun, though, all exciting and all.

I hope to see you this Thursday. I didn't get to last Thursday. :(

meNmykids said...

How exciting! Change is good, and a swimming hole? How awesome is that? I hope it all goes smoothly, enjoy your day at the fountains.

Lori&Kevin said...

Can't wait to see the end results!! I always love pictures of your place...looks so peaceful!

JoAnn said...

Your kids are going to love having a swimming hole. When we lived in Brownsville we used to walk down to the Calipooia and it had a great swimming hole. Such an idyllic childhood in so many ways.

Mrs. Mom said...

Your winter adventures with down trees and lengthy power outages reminds me of our first 20 years here in this house.

A swimming hole is an awesome thing!

Laura said...

Exciting changes!! I just caught up on a bunch of posts. Good to see what you're up to! :-)