Wednesday, April 22, 2009

What's Happening To Our Society?!

I have been reading some great posts about Miss USA, and then I read a great post over Here and it all got my mind to reeling. Actually, it makes me mad and sad all rolled in to one when I think about how horrible our society is becoming. I want to make a difference, but honestly it feels so futile sometimes, but we can't allow ourselves to just throw our hands up and give up.

My boys were talking with me this morning and they were saying how sad it is that we live in such a small town, a country town, and that very few people wave at each other when we drive by; even out here on this gravel country road with the small amount of neighbors we have. I have noticed it as well and I have found it disappointing too. I mean just yesterday I was out walking with Boaz in my jogging stroller and two cars drove by, slowly, and didn't even acknowledge our presence. It's almost like I am not supposed to be out there enjoying this warm spring day on the road because it is annoying for them to have watch out for a pedestrian. I have waved at more people, that haven't waved back, more times than I can count. It makes you not want to wave anymore. I mean a person's pride can only handle so much rejection. Now we do have a farmer, that we do business with down the road, and they are very old school and are actually very friendly. However, based on their age they grew up in a much more polite and hospitable society.

Isaiah has been going door to door in town handing out business cards letting the community know that he is willing to do yard work for them. He keeps it short and sweet, but he said that most of the people are rude and hardly give him the time of day. He said that it is rather shocking and disheartening to run into so many people with the same unfriendly frame of mind. I must agree. I remember working for people when I was a child, doing yard work and such, and they seemed thrilled to see a child being industrious. The postive side is that he finds the elderly to be ever so kind and excited to have someone willing to help them out. Again, another era that seems to know what kindness means.

The last thing I thought was interesting was how Den and I went to Fred Meyer, a grocery/everything store here in the Northwest. We were trying to choose a line to buy our groceries in, when we spotted a sign above one register that stated "Family Friendly". I thought how odd that only one register is supposably family friendly, I mean shouldn't they all be, for goodness sake. Anyway we didn't choose that line because there was a shorter one, but while we checked out I asked the lady about the sign and what it meant. She sort of scoffed and said, "Ohhhh it's for people who don't want their kids to see all the magazines and pictures." She acted as if it was completely and utterly ridiculous, but Den, as usual, piped up and said, "That is a great idea!" I mean have you seen all the magazine covers? They are so incredibly sexual now, but our society is just becoming more and more numb to all of these things. I must admit I don't make a stand like I could. Knowing what "family friendly" stands for now makes me want to use that "family friendly" register everytime. I want Fred Meyer to know that we appreciate those efforts, and we all need to use that line more often, even speak out by saying thank you for having that option.

Let's make sure we wave today around our neighborhoods. Make sure you wear a smile today. If a teenageer is actually willing to work for some money let's encourage that by telling him so. Let's show these stores that we want a cleaner, nicer, and more responsible society by choosing the lines that are trying to make a difference in stores, even if it's not so convenient. Life isn't always about convenience, nor should it be. If the line of people is ever so long in those "family friendly" lines, maybe they will see the need to make more "family friend" registers, but we ALL have to make an effort to make a difference. Put yourself out there!


Sis. Lori P. said...

I agree with you wholeheartedly. Most of what you have said boils down to being a light to the world. It's dark out there! A simple smile and a wave hello can be a shining bright light in such darkness. We live with such comfort and grace surrounding us as brethren. More and more I am pressed to pour out compassion on the world around me. At the library sometimes I wonder if the person coming in to check out their books has had even one person smile at them and ask (and mean it!)"how are you today?" And then truly listen to their answer. May God give us grace in the days ahead to be clothed in good works that reflect the Spirit of God within us.

Tiffany said...

Amen! I'm a very shy girl but i do try hard to step out of my comfort zone and say hello to people when i walk past them. It is hard when they don't respond back =(

I actually turned on the TV at the end of the Miss USA contest as Miss California answered that question. I was so proud of her for answering that way. The entire crowd clapped for her as well. When i saw the look on the judges face i knew she wouldn't win because of her answer. The poor girl got second place. She would have most likely gotten first place had it not been for that judge.

pandama said...

LOVE IT. I have spoke to the managers at certain stores many times about what kind of pictures and horrors they put right next to childrens things, and dont even get me started on movies like sherik probably wrong spelling but anyways a terrible not so child friendly movie sick . Thanks for the encouragement to keep trying. all the organic choices becoming available because people care gives me courage to believe that buy making small gestures like standing in the family friendly line really can make a difference. and even if it doesn't some times it feels really good to stand for what you feel is right and good even if you do have to stand there a little longer. ;D

JoAnn said...

As usual, I totally agree with you.

Lori&Kevin said...

A great challenge!! It is disheartening when people are consistently rude, but my philosophy is to kill 'em with kindness. How can they keep it up when you are always nice and smiling? I agree that the older generation is much more polite...we could learn a thing or two! Wish you lived closer...I have a few jobs for the boys around the yard! ha!

Sis. Sabriena said...

I read the posts you had linked to, and then your post. It is so shocking what this world is coming to. I wouldn't know from experience how it was in your generation, but I can already see how many steps society has gone back, just by judging how it is now and reading books from back then. Whether written about then, or actually written then. They are so totally different! And of course, I expect better because I've been around the brethren for my entire life, yet I go out into the world and it's a terrible place! If I ever see a register marked "family friendly", I am definitely going to use it. I should suggest to our local grocery store that they do the same. It's hard not to look at the magazines as you go through the lines, although you know how terrible they are, and you don't REALLY want to look at them. Your eyes are drawn on accident. You know what I mean? I hate those magazines, but I constantly forget what they're like until I see them again. It's disgusting and ridiculous. I totally agree with you and Sis. JoAnn and Fifi.

Hopefully I'll see you tomorrow night, and maybe I'll get to make it to the singing on Sunday, too, but I'm not sure.

Sis. Leah said...

I too agree with you wholeheartedly. This is a subject us sisters here have talked alot about lately. How the world is just so acceptable to all this. And you are right change has to start some where, why not with us. Even if at times it is a little unconvenient.

Cyndi said...

Our small town isn't small anymore, but I remember when my children were babies, everyone waved and said hello when we passed on the sidewalks. I miss that. There are a few more saying hello now days than there was just a year or so ago. I think a lot of people miss the good old friendly days.

I'm tired of television ads too. Kevin and I were watching television tonight. CBS station... and the ad was such, I would have blushed if my boys were in the room with me.

If our local Fred Meyer store has a family friendly check out lane, I'll use it. But I'm also going to put a note into the manager how much my family would appreciate more family friendly lanes. If enough consumers made the request, maybe they would get the idea to move the magazines out of sight for all the lanes.

meNmykids said...

We noticed a definite difference from our little B-r town to the little one we live in now. Everyone waved as we went down Bill Shaw rd, and around town. Here, only a few good acquaintances do. The checkout lines are terrible, and sometimes I have to have long discussions with the littler kids about what something said that is way above their knowledge level. It is distressing to have to have those talks when you work so hard to let them have an innocent childhood. People are constantly commenting on how well our children work when they come on our lawn jobs. They only learned that because they were able to get a job in the first place. A good post!

Fifi said...

You go girl !!!!! I'm gonna take a feather out of your cap and try the friendly smile!

With regards to the magazines ... The other day Miss Tanzi picked up a g@y magazine and brought it to me and asked me why it had plastic around it. I was like ..... 'They shouldn't be at eye level range , let alone grab-able range!!!! I asked the lady manager to please put them out of reach, she said she would. The next day they were STILL in the same place .... so I took the whole pile and hid them high up behind some other mags!!! It makes me boil!

Where is my Brain said...

I saw that sign but didn't get the chance to check it out! I will now!!! That is Awsome!!

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