Monday, December 31, 2007

2007 Was Transforming

Den and I were thinking about the last nine months. We were counting our blessings and recognizing the changes in our lives. What a crazy 2007 we have had.

If you had told me in January of 2007 that we would move here, and that we would be starting anew I would have giggled and said, "You must be thinking of someone else."

I have thought about all the things that the Lord has showed me this year, and how many of those things have came to pass. I stand in awe of His power and His generosity.

We have six families in our church right now. Four of those families had to completely uproot themselves to come, and I am thrilled and humbled to see His will come to pass in just nine months. I know more is coming, and moving is not a little thing for a family. Therefore, I am grateful and in awe as He continues to show His power and His will.

To lay on my back and to feel/see life moving around in me is another large transformation. It is very clear that each one of my sons has been from the Lord, and this one is no different. I am finally ready to be a mom of six, and I am anxious to meet him and to add him to our family in every way. Last year, I wouldn't have thought we would have moved or that we would be adding a new child to our lives in only a years time. AMAZING!

The growth I have had to make is mind boggling to me. It hasn't been the easiest year of my life, but I have really enjoyed the fruits thereof. There were times I felt utterly exhausted, there were times I felt overwhelmed, and even times I felt lonely. The reverse side of that is that I have felt more comfortable with hospitality, watched others do the Lord's will (such a comfort to me), and have loved being "home" again. The range of emotions in the last year has taught me that each day is a new day that brings on new things. It's best to not always know what is exactly in your future, but to trust that God is going to see you through.

I would also say that Den and I's relationship has evolved. We have been grouchy at times with one another (a lot of changes), but for the most part I would have to say that I have fallen deeper in love with him. I respect him, not because he can do all things, but because he has a heart to serve the Lord. With this heart I will continue to follow him and try to be the best helpmeet I can be.

The changes I have seen in my older boys has been difficult. They are growing up. We have dealt with some difficult teen stages, but we have tried to take those opportunities to talk about the bigger picture for their lives. At times I felt like I was talking to a brick wall, but then the rainbow shines through and I can see that God's word is true, "Train them up in the way they shall go and they shall not depart from it." This verse is being put to the test for all of us, and I am thirilled with the outcome. The path is bumpy, but worthy.

Lastly, is that Den has had good labor for his hands. For the Lord to give Den the job that he has given him is humbling. He made a way for us in Washington, but we walked away from his more lucrative career when we felt called to move there. In doing so, we made many financial sacrifices, but the gains spiritually and relationshipwise far surpassed what we gave up. However, now we are back and the Lord is blessing us in other ways. Spiritually and relationshipwise it has been more challenging here. I have had to cling tighter to all that I know and believe, but the pay off has been very educational in my life, and I am thankful for the growth I have seen in us.

So to you, Happy New Year, and I hope that you take the time to reflect on your past year too. I will continue to count my blessings and pray that the Lord is in charge of this next year. I am sure that by this time next year, I will be just as surprised at the changes I will see.God keep me safe and focused on your will and not my own.


meNmykids said...

Beautifully written. I too have reflected on the past year. There have been some very, very hard things in my life last year, but the Lord has been true. I guess that I needed to be reminded of how very much can be changed in one year. There is no holding back time, so I should rejoice in the uncertainty of the future. Deep breath, shoulders back, one foot forward.....

Mrs.Martin said...

Yes.. alot has changed in one short year, for your family. I am excited for 2008, especially to see you all again and your new sweet baby. I agree with Gale's post and I will add that the steps of a righteous man are ordered by the Lord. I always see the visual of that verse, with a person, taking one step at a time, with their face to the sky, with their thoughts to the Lord saying, "This step Okay Lord?" This verse has been a comfort to me lately. I love you!

Anonymous said...

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Nadine said...

Happy New Year to you and your family. I'm sure with the birth of a new addition this year will be exciting and a true blessing for everyone.

Lori said...

That last paragraph was well stated. You have had quite a year! I didn't realize all that happened in one year until I read that! You inspire me in that you are always able to see your blessings and not take them for granted. Have a great 2008!!

dakotablueeyes said...

beautiful post, I didn't look back at the year like that and maybe I should. lol I just looked back at the stuff that happened.