Friday, August 17, 2007

It's Den's Birthday!

It's my hubby's birthday today! He is 38........whoa........where has the time gone? We were laying in bed this morning discussing the fact that I remember when my Dad turned 38. In fact, Elise (a friend of mine) and I came up with a homemade diddy to sing to him on that special occasion. I remember parts of it to this day, so I made sure I sang the little goofy song to my honey this morning. Now mind you, the song makes no sense really, but it has a special memory to You see, my friend and I were odd then and thoroughly enjoyed such things. I guess I have never really outgrown such things.

So I thought I would write a quick list of all the little things I love about my Den. Here it goes. Get some coffee it may be a while....hahaha

1. I love his twinkly little smile.

2. I love how he calls me baby or babe. I don't know why we started this so long ago, but it has stuck.

3. I love the his laid back ways with me and the boys. He gets riled up from time to time, but for the most part he is an easy going joe.

4. He is never hurtful with his words. This has been amazing to me through the years. He never gets off subject when arguing with me, and puts me down in a hurtful way. I loooove loooove this about him.

5. I love how he wants to give me the best. I don't need the best, nor do I always want the best, but he feels like I deserve it. This goes further than anything he could ever buy for me.

6. I love the kind of Dad he is. He gets down on the floor and wrestles with them. He loves his boys and is very involved.

7. I love his heart toward the Lord. He knows the bible very well, and not because he gets paid to. He is driven to know the Lord, the truth, and the word. I have came to him many many times for advice and he is good to follow the Lord's word.

8. He loves puns. I'm not a pun lover per say, but I can appreciate his humor. Our humors are NOT exactly the same, but we both smile and savor the other one's joy.

9. I love how confident he is. I know that he is fearful from time to time, but he wears the fearless, "everything is going to be alright" cloak quite well. I am thankful that he is in control of situations.

10. I love how he gets mushy, misty eyed when he speaks about the little one that I am carrying. He is sentimental and I adore this about him.

11. I seriously love him so much that I could write stuff all day long. I am not exaggerating. I don't know why the Lord chose him for me, but I know that I am ONE LUCKY GIRL!

Happy Birthday, Honey! You have made me the happiest girl in the world!


Mrs.Martin said...

Happy Birthday Dennis!!!

It seems like yesterday that we celebrated your big 3 0, with grand style and hoots of old age. Time flies. I am so glad you are getting away this weekend for your birthday, YOU deserve it.

Trina, I know how you love Den and so much of what you wrote, I see in him too. I especially love the wrestling part and how he tears up with joy for you being Expecting again. Big strong men are cute when they tear up. LoL

Happy Birthday Again!

Enjoy your weekend. XoXoXo

Cherrie said...

You have a good one there and it is a blessing. I also love my honey that much. God is good to us. Have a wonderful weekend and we will pray you feel GREAT!

javamama said...

Awww, that was so sweet. Thank you for sharing... it reminded me of how much I love my hubby. Love your post below to.

Joyfully in Him,

Nadine said...

Happy Birthday Den. What a lovely tribute to the one you love. I love reading your posts about how you love your husband and children. I guess I'm always a sucker for love.

la bellina mammina said...

Happy birthday Den!

And Trina, you are suck a lucky mom and wife! If only more men are like him, esp in #4!! Hope you guys had a great birthday weekend! :-)

Marisela said...

Well a happy belated birthday to Dennis. Thats very seet of you to write a few things you love about your husband. I enjoyed reading your "Reflection" blogg
, and I feel like I can relate to your recent posts, of company, company, company. It's a lot of work, yet very rewarding at times.

Geri said...

I wonder if You would accept an email from me?

marykathryn said...

AWWEEE!! I DO know how much you love your Den!! You guys have such a special love that is truly rare in this crazy world we live in. So funny, I too can see all the great traits that you listed in him and might I add that Rusty and I have skirted along the coat tails of the "everything is gonna be alright" cloak and we totally enjoyed the ride. Hope your weekend is GREAT and...
Happy Birthday Dennis!!

Chantel said...

A happy late birthday Dennis! As I was reading your blog, I too could totally see those things in him. So sweet. A good marriage is such a blessing! Again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Lori said...

Happy Birthday Den! And...I think he's pretty lucky too!! :-)

#10 was my fav on the list ~ sweet!

Fifi said...

Trina.... that is the most beautiful heart-felt tribute that I have ever read! You love Den for sure! I was getting misty eyed as I read! You have such a beautiful/handsome family..... and you, the queen, are simply gorgeous!
God's absolute best for you and your family!
Love Fifi

Fifi said...

Oh, and of course..... Happy Birthday Dennis!

pinks & blues girls said...

It is so wonderful to read about couples who so appreciate each other. This is beautiful. I hope he had a great birthday!

Jane, P&B Girls