Thursday, August 16, 2007


This one came from my friend Steff. She loves her tags....hehehe I liked this one, its one I haven't seen around before, and that is saying

It's centered around your middle name. And mine is Leah. My dad and my mom both have the name Lee or Lea as their middle name, (pronounced Lee). So they decided to combine their names and make it Leah (pronounced with a short A sound at the end) for mine. I guess that's how it went. Either way, it's Leah and I have always been fond of it.

Here are the rules:1. You have to post these rules before you give the facts.2. Players, you must list one fact that is somehow relevant to your life for each letter of their middle name. If you don’t have a middle name, use the middle name you would have liked to have had.3. At the end of your blog-post, you need to choose one person for each letter of your middle name to tag.

L is for long legged. I am 5"10 1/2" tall, if we are going to be nick picky. I love being tall, but as a teen, and interested in boys, it was a challenge to appreciate it, then. I used to be a long, lean, stick. Straight as an ohhhhhhhhhhhh.....I miss those days now, but six pregnancies later has a way of morphing you.

E is for energetic. I love to stay busy. I like to clean, scrub, and get things done. Once I get rolling I have a hard time stopping. However, since I have been pregnant I am sure Den is wondering if those days are behind Or maybe I am the one who is worried!

A Drawing a blank here people. The vowels are sort of killing me, and I have to admit that the H isn't coming to me any clearer.....hahaha about...artistic. Yeah, that's a good one. I wouldn't say the painter sort, but I love to decorate. That definitely falls in to that category. I love to decorate houses to make it look like the person who lives there. We, woman, spend so much time in our homes that I think its important to make it feel like, and represent you. It just brings me great joy!

H Hysterical. This one is a given. I love to laugh! I think things are very funny, and can have a bit of a twisted sense of humor. I only let it come out at night, or around close enough friends that speak the same language. Otherwise people just think I'm odd, and I try to keep that at a minimum when I can control it. I have my children to think of.....

So there ya go........LEAH! Trina leah......... That's me!

Now I am going to tag:


Don't let me down girls!


javamama said...

Aahh! I hate that I don't visit you often enough!! I just saw your baby ticker!! I must have missed the I am pregnant post! Can you help me find it? I am SO EXCITED for you!! Woo hoo. Trina, have an AWESOME day and may God bless you!!

JOYfully in Him,

meNmykids said...

Thank goodness I have a short middle name! You did an admirable job! Yes, the hysterical one fits well. Why I keep remembering you on the rock slide while we were all stripping off our jeans to make a rope....? Now that the risk of you plummeting to your death is over it is hysterical. Maybe my sense of humor is strange too?

Steff said...

Thanks for playing along! I'm glad you added a little history to the name. I always think that is the interesting part!

marykathryn said...

Well I would have to agree that you ARE one long legged, energetic, artistic, and totally hysterical lady who is crazy fun to be around!!..But that is just my opinion..hehe
Love ya!!

"Neena" said...

Well, there is usually a little "hehehe" in your comments, and it's something that always makes me laugh when I see it. In other words, I agree about "hysterical". I'm hysterical, too. Now why don't I have an "H" in my middle name??? LOL.

5"10 1/2" Doesn't that read 5 inches, 10 and one half inches?!!! LOL.

Chantel said...

MORPHED...Whatever! You look awesome!

Thank you Gale for a wonderful reminder of a great time. A rope made of teen age girl jeans! Good times! Good times! Trina, it was worth it to save your life!

Lori said...

Fun list! I bet you are the coolest Mom!!

And I love decorating too! I love making a house into a HOME! :-)

Mrs.Martin said...

Morphed Please.... Dear Trina Leah... lol

The list was you and funny too, especially hysterical, I love your humor so much that when I was sick, all it took was a simple look of knowing humor.

I will work on my list tonight.
Love ya.

Cherrie said...

You silly girl, you always have me laughing. Oh my know it is my turn to do the list. I will have to think about this awhile. I am so glad my middle name is not a long one.

Fifi said...

I've always thought of you as the joyful type who would through back their head and give a good hearty laugh!!!! I think I'm going to do this too!!!
Love to you..... do hope the morning sickness starts to ease up very soon!

madeleine said...

Awww Thast geat. Thats a cool story of your parents picked your middle name!

And I think those are very, very good character traits as a Christian, a wife and a mom!!

I do hope you are getting to feeling better real soon. For those of us who can't have babies, we sure do rejoice & delight in the ones who are!!!