Monday, August 20, 2007

Birthday Weekend

Our birthday boy!!
This is the little house that we rented at the Coast. It was small, but quaint.
We were here so we could spend a quiet birthday weekend with the little family.

The one and only shot of me the whole weekend. This was taken in the yard. The weather was too perfect to pass up the photo op.

We got right down to business. Cake and gifts!

The weekend involved board games.

And, of course, reading.

One beautiful baby, who kept us hopping.

Group (male) shot.

Isn't this frameable? Love it!

Levi letting Roman help with the kite.

Isaiah enjoying the kite experience too.

Daddy running ahead of Abram, and Abram watching the bright kite high in the sky.

River got the bum kite. This kite had ISSUES! hahaha

Roman UNhappy, but this moment was short lived that morning.

Later that day, the weather heated up. It was a pleasant surprise to all of us. So the guys all had to climb in to the frigid ocean to play. I stayed on the beach with Roman.

We had chocolate chip cookies. Although his might have been more like sand with a chocolate chip.....

Levi buried him, and he loved it!

Once the sensation came back in to their bodies from the numbing sea water, we headed for home. It was very relaxing and fun for all.

Thanks for the getaway baby! *wink*


"Neena" said...

Love all of the pictures! I do think that one you mentioned being frameable is frameable! Great pictures! Sounds like you all had fun. Happy birthday to Bro. Dennis!

javamama said...

So frameable! That better be on your wall or table somewhere soon! :0) Girl, what are you going to do if you have a little girl? She will be one lucky girl huh?

Your family of boys is beautiful! Thank you for sharing your beachy getaway... I am so envious!!My boys are wanting to go so bad especially the oldest boy :0)

JOYfully in Him,

meNmykids said...

What a beautiful weekend. Something to revive and renew you all. That pic is fabulous! You all look great. Baby enjoyed that sand and chocolate chip. I'm envious.

Mrs.Martin said...

Trina I love the Pictures of them all! I can't wait to tell Cole to look at them tonight. I am so glad you got away to the ocean. I can almost smell the salty air, no joke, it makes the memories come back so vividly. River looks even taller than I remember. The girls are going to like your boys out here, but I am not sure any will be tall enough. LoL Love you all!

Mother-of-Hope said...

Trina, those are great pictures! I love the *frameable one* but also that one of Roman with the cookie face is priceless! I was LOL at that one! Sounds like a great weekend, I'm glad you all had a good time together.

marykathryn said...

AMAZING PICS!!!! How fun for you guys to get away and enjoy some family time again!! Every pic made me miss you guys more and more...But we will be seeing you guys soon at the camp-out so...Until then..Sigh...
Love All you guys!!!

Michelle Swank said...

You have such a good looking family. I really enjoy reading your blogs. I think I might have to take my girls out there in a few years to meet those handsome men. lol. I really miss living out there and being able to take a drive through the beautiful terrain and coast line. Your get away looked like alot of fun. From your comment on my blog this week I will have exactly 2 more months before this little one gets here. Hope you are feeling well (the best you can).

Love & Prayers

Lori said...

Oh wow!!! YOu got some great shots! I love the one where they are all facing the water - you better be framing that!!! ha!

WE are never in the pictures b/c we are always taking them! :-)

Cherrie said...

That looks like a well deserved vacation. I can't wait till we can go do that as a family. I love that pic of the guys go frame it KNOW!!!!

la bellina mammina said...

Thanks for sharing - the pics are awesome! Love the one of the boys looking out to sea.

pinks & blues girls said...

Fabulous pictures! So glad you had such a great time! You are one lucky girl to have such handsome men around you! :)

Jane, P&B Girls

javamama said...

I have something for you...

JOYfully in Him,

Anonymous said...

It sounds like you had a wonderful time. These kind of trips build such wonderful memories. I can almost smell the salt water. I am glad Dennis had such a good birhday.


Fifi said...

Great pics! Surely, a holiday that will not be forgetten! Happy Birthday to Den! You all look so relaxed and happy!(Except the pic with grissly Roman!)
Love Fifi

Steff said...

Oh that one picture is so frameable! What a great shot...looks like you had a wonderful time at the coast!

Leah said...

Love all the pictures of your family! Roman is such a cutie there with that grumpy little look on his face. And then with cookie all over his face too. =)

Mrs. Mom said...

Trina, what a wonderful weekend away with your family! I love the photo of your men! It's sooooo(!!) frameable!

About the lack of photos of you... don't you let that happen again. lol I've looked through my albums of the past many-many vacations and there are very few photos of me. It's like... was I really there? Oh yeah. I was there. I just don't have any proof of it, because I'm always behind the camera.

I'm really glad you got away as a family. I'm also glad you share your beautiful photos with us!

cArOl said...

It looks like you guys had a good time Trina. 'Little Roman' is getting so big!I love taking the family to the coast. Sometimes I wish we lived closer!