Tuesday, June 19, 2007

We'll See

Abram: Mom, when winter gets here where will we ride our sleds?

Mom: Oh honey....we don't get snow here like we did at our last home.

Abram: What? No snow? Forever?

Mom: Well we may get one day of snow, but it won't stick, probably, and so it will just be an exciting day.

Abram: I can't stand it! I won't be able to make balls of snow and throw them around, forever??

Mom: Well we can travel some place to play in the snow.

Abram: Oh good, like the North Pole? Can we go to the North Pole?

Mom: Nooooooo Abram, that is too far away, but we can drive up into the mountains.

Abram: Will we do that?

Mom: We'll seeeeeeeeee........*trailing off in hopes that the subject will be dropped.*

Abram: I know what that means.

Mom: What does that mean? *with a smirky smile*

Abram: Maybe... if you're not too lazy.

Mom: Yep! *laughing outside and inside*

Out of the mouths of babes.................


meNmykids said...

That was perfect! I bet the boys will be in trauma when the snow doesn't come, and doesn't come, and Mom and Dad are too lazy to take them to some. Join the club boys, there are already at least 8 members. Only our oldest even remember Pateros well, but you'd think it was our first year away to hear them ALL talking about our snow deficit.

Maridee said...

Even when we lived in Fairbanks, Alaska my kids couldn't make snowmen -snow was too dry for packing. It was great for sledding if it wasn't too cold.
My 21 year old son just informed me last week that when I said, " I'll see," he knew that meant no. He preferred when I said maybe because he could usually push it to the yes side. Who knew I was so predictable?

Trina said...

Gale: Yes TRAUMA will set in for sure!! hahahaha I am glad that your kids are in the same club.lol

Maridee: I remember thinking the same thing about my mom. If she said we'll see it meant NOT likely! LOL!

Steff said...

That's too funny! You should tell him that there is a girl in Texas that hardly ever sees snow...it could be worse for the little guy! LOL

ConservaChick said...

Ha! I love it. Let's see, you are in Oregon, are you near Portland? That's were I grew up and I can say you probably wont get to many opportunities to make snow balls. We've gone a bit east and enjoy a little more snow now, so it is not nearly as exciting as it was in Portland where the whole city shuts down with 1/2 an inch. ~Karlie

Nadine said...

Where we are there isn't much snow either. Our kids were older when we moved here so there wasn't too many complaints.

Anonymous said...
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Mother-of-Hope said...

What!? No snow!? I'm with Abram....bring on the snow! Is June too early? *scratching head* ;)

Cherrie said...

I so love it when kids get there little minds a clicking. And I think he is adorable to even bring up the subject.

Trina said...

Steff: Ohhh yes, I will definitely tell him Texas is worse, but I'm sure it will just keep him out of your state for a lifetime of winters...hehehe

Conservachick: I am sure we will get a HUGE kick out of the city shutting down with a 1/2 inch of snow now. Before we were in complete agreement, but now we will be chuckling!

Nadine: Yes, my older boys understand the no snow thing, and are thankful for the years we had a lot, but Abram can't comprehend it yet. He is already mourning the passing...lol

To my deleted comment: Bad Spammer! Bad Bad Spammer!!

Angel: Abram may have to come live with you this winter...hehehe Brace yourselves for lots of questions and endless chit chat though...LOL

Trina said...

Cherrie: We did it again...commented at the same time. If you were here I would have to jinx you for a free mocha...LOL Yeah his sudden snow questions through me, in the dead of summer, but that's Abram for ya! *smiling*

Mrs.Martin said...

Oh Trina, now that made me laugh out loud. Abram is a hoot! I miss them all so much.

Lori said...

I love out of the mouth of kiddo's themselves stories!! I always hated it when my Mom said 'we'll see' and 'because I said so' - ha!

Look the updated look! :-)

Cherrie said...

I so love your new page. You redid it and it looks great.

madjohn said...

Hey you!

Its been a while!!

Wow, the boys are as beautiful as ever!

And can I say, my goal in life is to never have to deal with snow again!! lol. I have been trying to convince my love to move to Texas. He is not going for it. I am praying furiously for it.

And I love the last post. I have been convicted of "my job" lately also. And amazingly enough, the hardships have actually been (semi)delightful. :) lol.

Have a good week! ~madeleine

la bellina mammina said...

What about us in SIngapore??? 25 deg C all year round....:-(

Fifi said...

Teehee......... he's got the parent thing taped!!!!!!! Clever chap!!!!
Love it!

"Neena" said...

Poor guy! I can sympathize with him. Last year, we got a teensy weensy bit of snow (as usual), so Dad came home from work early, we skipped school that whole week, we got everything together for playing in the snow, and we went up in the mountains. And searched for a place to sled. And searched for a place to sled. And searched for a place to sled. Well, the first day we had great sledding, but the second day, by the time we found a good sledding hill, the snow was too melted for inner tubes. But we had a great snowball fight! Andy was with us, since his parents had said he could come. And, last but not least, that is when we got the picture on Mom's blog, with the boots on the fence pickets. Wow! This is a long comment! Maybe I better just post about our wondrous snow.

Michelle said...

My goodness, I am a little behind in commenting (heehee) I come over and read regular but cannot always leave a comment with Miss Sarah Jane on my lap! We don't want a repeat of last time she sent a message do we (heehee)
The girls hate it when I say we'll see! heehee!
I hope you guys get some snow this year for Abram!