Thursday, June 21, 2007

My Decorator Stopped By......

So what do you guys think? Do you like my new little bloggy place? Well this is all due to Lindsay from Splat Designs AGAIN!

The last template was on the old Blogger, and therefore I was missing out on all the fun that it offered. However she was running a special for past customers, and I jumped on that bandwagon!

Thanks Lindsay! We were having some trouble with Photobucket and/or Blogger showing me my new digs, but she patiently dealt with it until the problem was resolved for me. Thanks Lindsay, you're the best!

Seriously, if you guys are thinking about revamping your blog check her site out. She shows you all her fancy shmancy templates on all the other blogs that she has redone. FABULOUS!

So now back to our regular posting schedule!


Cherrie said...

I really like you page. I am thinking about getting mine done. But I need to learn so much to get things the way I want them on my page. And to have the time to spend playing with it all.

Mrs. Mom said...

Hi Trina, this is Cyndi, up here in Snohomish.

Your blog is really cute!

Nadine said...

Nice job. It looks really good.

Trina said...

Cherrie: Yeah its fun to have a little place that looks like ya want. She has some free templates that are amazing too, that may tide ya over for a bit. Check them out on her sidebar.

Cyndi: HiYa!! It is so fun to see people I KNOW leaving comments. Who knew that this little blog would be so much fun when I started it, a year and a half ago.

Nadine: You are always so sweet to me, thanks!

Steff said...

I always think y'all's blogs are so crafty looking. I'm just not technical enough to change mine...thankfully I really like my green and blue dots!

ConservaChick said...

Oh. I always thought you did your blog design yourself. Whew, feeling a lot better about my lack of technical skills. Think I may check out your designer and give my blog a little make over! ~Karlie

Trina said...

Steff: I like your green and blue dots too. Its all about priorities right? hehehe

Conservachick: I used to do mine, but I have a lot to learn before I could do all of this. Plus I would need to buy Photoshop or something...crossing fingers for Christmas. I would love to design blogs someday...when I grow up! LOL
Ohhh it will be fun to see what you choose for your much personality goes into them!

Marisela said...

It looks really good! When you grow up and get photoshop you can degign my bolg for me. okay hehehe

Trina said...

Marisela: Its a deal!! lol

Lindsay said...

you are the sweetest!
I love working with you... you are always so positive and sweet
Keep in tough