Sunday, June 17, 2007

Just Wanted You To Know, Dad

I saw this question and answer theme on some of the other blogs, and thought it was sweet and thoughtful. I just had to do the same.

I sat each boy down, (privately), and asked them the same 3 questions. Here are their brief, but heartfelt answers.

Question #1 What is your favorite memory with your Dad?

River: I loved working with him. Feeling like I was a part of him. Getting up with him, eating lunch with him, and just getting to REALLY talk to him.

Isaiah: That's REALLY hard, but it's a great question. I loved musket hunting with him. We went out on our property, and we got a deer. That was really cool!

Levi: I love how he always takes us camping. That is a blast! Also, when went fishing at Rat Lake. It was really cold, but fun!

Abram: Ohhh that's easy. I love how he plays around with me, and I love snuggling with him when he is sitting down. I like going places with him. These are my FAVORITES!

Question #2
Why do you love your Dad?

River: He's a laid back guy, someone you can talk to. He always includes us boys with things that he does. He's a great motivator.

Isaiah: I love him, because he is really understanding, and the perfect role model.

Levi: I love how outgoing he is, and how he always includes us, even the little ones.

Abram: He is kind, fun, and good to us. He loves to play around with us!

Question #3
What would you want your Dad to know?

River: That I really love him. I would want to thank him for all that he's done for me.

Isaiah: I would want him to know that he was as much of a friend to me as a Dad.

Levi: That I love him alot, and that I'll see him in Heaven.

Abram: I just love him Sooo much, and with all my heart!

Roman was rather introspective during his questioning sessions. He babbled contemplatively, and used lots of hand gestures.

Happy Father's Day, Den!!


Lori said...

That is a priceless gift you just gave Den!! You can tell what a beautiful job you are doing of raising your boys just by their answers.

Nadine said...

That was just precious to read. What wonderful boys you have. You can tell they love their dad.

meNmykids said...

Beautiful. I'm sure their dad was suitably honored.

la bellina mammina said...

Words touch the soul more than any expensive gifts could ever do...

Trina said...

Lori: Den loved the post!

Nadine: They really do, it was fun to watch them describe how they felt and how hard it was to come up with one fav memory.

Gale: Den LOVED it!

Labellina: True True!!

Mother-of-Hope said...

Trina, I called Hope and TJ in here (separately) and read these questions to them. I must say they were very enlightening! I didn't expect the answers that they gave. In fact, in sparked quite an interesting discussion with us (the kids, Dh and I). What surprised me was that their favorite memory with their dad was the time they went on a trip to WI with him (the trip that I *didn't* go on...not the most recent one that I did, lol!) While the spend short periods of time alone with Dh, this particular time, they had the whole week with him...away from me. Neither of us realized how much that meant to them. Needless to say, I see more of those trips in the future! And as much as I like to go up there with them, I really want them to have that time alone together. Thank you for inspiring me to ask the questions!

Trina said...

Angel: That is fantastic!! The funny thing is that my boys had all mentioned "alone" time with their dad too. I think everyone is hungry for one on one.

Fifi said...

This is extremely precious! I did a similar thing...... different questions though! My Hubby was SO blessed when he read what the boys felt about him!!
Love to you!

Trina said...

Fifi: I actually read your post and thought it was a grand idea! Thanks for inspiring me!