Friday, June 15, 2007

The Shots That We Said No To:

Abram giving the lady his amazing smile, but I LOVE the scraped up knee from learning to ride his bike!

One of my favorite of the two oldest boys!

Roman frustrated with the whole event!

Roman arching his back while I am trying to keep him on the stool.

Isaiah and I giving each other a goofy look, however I am BEHIND the scenes. We passed on this one, wonder why?

Roman after trying to push his brothers out of the photo.

Roman leaning back with the "Are you kidding me with this?" look. Abram saying, "Come on Roman, just smile, it's easy!"

Roman throwing a complete fit now, but the boys were drilled to keep looking at the camera and SMILE, no matter what!!

Roman not crazy about the rocking chair either.

Then, he FINALLY warmed up!

That's my BOY!


Rosann said...

Very cute and funny! I love the narrative. Sounds like little Roman wanted to make it more interesting and memorable :) Such good looking boys!

Trina said...

Rosann: He gave us work out for sure!! hehehe I thought it was neat to have some of the other photos too. These will be fun memories later on in life.

Mother-of-Hope said...

LOL @ Roman! How funny! Looks like when we tried to get our Christmas pics done, lol!

la bellina mammina said...

Cool photos. I can imagine how hard it is trying to get Roman to pose, it's the same with LP too! :-)

"Neena" said...

Haha! Like I said before, I don't envy you abit. And of course, not being the one having to take care of it, I had a great laugh at your expense. I can just see you back there, trying to get little boys to smile.

Missed you at the homeschool convention. Did something unexpected come up? I should have asked Aunt Chantel, but I never thought about it while she was around.

meNmykids said...

Beautiful! Pictures and kids are hard to blend.

marykathryn said...

How cute are your boys!!!! Oh my they are ALL such handsome men!! I had another comment all writen out, but got destracted by something and now it is forever lost..hehe. That little Roman is such a crack up...Sigh, taking baby pics are soooo much work...I think that the mommy deserves that lollipop that you spoke of eariler just for working like a dog to catch a glimpse of a smile only to be caught one sec too late and have the lady say, "Ohh sorry..can you get that smile again??"!!
Miss you tons and I loved catching up on your posts..Sorry loser friend here..sniff,sniff

Lori said...

Roman is a hoot! I love how the others are smiling no matter what he's doing! ha!! You had to be exhausted after this - hope you were rewarded with Starbucks or something!

Marisela said...

These pictures are so cute! I really need to get some pictures of my kids, however I dread westling with Hayden just to get him to smile. You have such great looking boys! Roman is just to cute!

Mrs.Martin said...

Roman made Colin and I laugh so hard. He seems to be a bit like Levi when he was that age maybe? And Levi is such a warm and loving guy. The goofy look with Isaiah was just funny. lol

Playing catch up with your blog this Sunday.

Nadine said...

Roman wanted to make his pictures stand out from the rest of the gang. I love his independent spirit.

Trina said...

Angel: Glad Im not the only one who is dealing with this during photo sessions..hehehe

labellina: Yes, he is not a fan of the professional photos,obviously.

neena: Just decided to spend it with Den instead, but thanks for thinking of me and asking!

Gale: Yes They ARE, and Im sure you know all about

Mary: Thanks for the comment! hehehe I miss you and love you too!

Lori: After much drilling the boys understood smile smile or smile...Roman is a hoot!

Marisela: Well post your pics when you get them done. I would love to see the behind the scene shots too, if ya can...hehehe

Sis: Im sure you and Uncle Colin did have a good laugh! lol He is a LOT like Levi was.

Nadine: Yes, he wanted to stand out, that's a great way to put that! rofl

Michelle said...

Awww ~ that Roman is such a cutie!