Sunday, March 25, 2007

In The Middle Of It All

We went to the apple packing shed, here in town, and bought our boxes for a dollar each. They are so nice and sturdy, they make this packing thing ALMOST
Saturday was a busy day. We packed over 30 boxes and we have many many to go, however we have made some serious progress. Rusty and Mary came up with their truck to take our camp trailer in to town so we could sell it, and we sold our riding lawn mower. We have so many more things to take care of before we are ready to leave Friday morning, but I am trying to stay very prayerful.

Last night when Rusty and Mary came up, with their kids, it was such a treat. We are so comfortable with them, and that feeling is so wonderful. I will miss that alot!! Mary and I have alternated with the tears, both promising to be strong and to see each other frequently. Once you have a friend that near to your heart, they stay there, for a lifetime. I feel extremely blessed to have them in our lives.

After they left, we laid Roman down for the night (who is teething his stomach teeth) and we just sat on the couch quietly. We were both too wiped out to continue on with any more packing. Although our bodies weren't that busy, our minds were whirling a mile a minute. So many things to do, to think about, to worry about. We began to watch a movie to calm our racing minds down, and I drifted off to sleep.

Now it is Sunday morning, and the whole house of boys are still tucked into their beds, but once the rooster began to crow I couldn't quiet the thoughts in my head. I decided it was better to post on my blog, than to allow my mind to wander over all the things I couldn't control.

So here I sit, in my messy undone house, that is half packed, and half chaos. Knowing that many things have to continue to work out before we can say it is done. Nevertheless, I will continue to trust that God is working out even the smallest of details, for He is God, and He is capable of all things.


kristarella said...

Phil 4:13
I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.
You will get through this, you will look back and laugh, and you are growing! I will be okay that it's NOT Central Or. Boo-Hoo!

Nadine said...

I'll be praying that you'll get it all done by the time you need.

randi said...

Hi Trina,

Just curious--We used to live in WA state and we had friends named Rusty and Mary. To avoid last names/cities,too much information, do they have a daughter named hannah? I am just wondering if they are the same people--that would be WAY TOO weird, wouldnt it???

Mrs.Martin said...

I'm loving the pics of the boxes Trina. Memories, Memories. We are still praying for you all over here. I need to talk to you over the phone and get the details with your sweet voice too. I am glad to hear you sold your lawn mower and that Mary helped you get your trailer down the hill to be sold. Alot of work. Praying you all have strength for the days to come.

Love, Me

momto3blessings said...

Those are the perfect packing boxes.

I hope you get your trailer sold quickly.

Its a good thing you have all those strong boys to help with packing and moving and unpacking what a help they will be.

marykathryn said...

Well you know MY take on those boxes you have stacked there missy...You might just wake up one morning to a little "surprise"..hehe
No really..SOOO wish I didn't have to see those boxes in your house but if they are a must, and they are, then where else would I be but helping you get things done??

marykathryn said...

Just another little note here..Rusty and I feel SOOOO incredibly blessed to have you guys in our lives that we know there is no distance that can erase or replace our love for you guys. So, get ready cuz I'm a thinking you might have some company!! :-)

Trina said...

Kristarella: That is such a beautiful piece of scripture. Thank you for that!

Nadine: Yes, pray pray pray...hehehe WE have a lot to do, in a short while.

Randi: The Rusty and Mary I am talking about is the one listed in my comments "Marykathryn". She does love the name Hannah for a little girl

Mrs. Martin: Im glad we got rid of a few things too. Rusty and Mary have always been eager and willing to help us. WE have been blessed!

Cheryl: These boys are going to be a huge help to us. Totally different to now have boys old enough to truly help out.

Mary: You know I woke up and hurried out to the living room to make sure no one came up and unpacked them...hehehe WE are COUNTING on you guys coming, and coming frequently. You know we ALWAYS have a place for your family. Can't wait!