Saturday, March 24, 2007

Go Means Go

I feel like my life is a whirlwhind right now. No, that's not true, whirlwind is too mild, let's be honest and say a hurricane. Yeah, a hurricane is more accurate.

God has been working like crazy in our lives in the last 8 weeks. He showed us that He wanted us to move. At first, he didn't show us where, well maybe He did, but we weren't ready to accept that at the time. We didn't know how we would do it, or where Den would work, or where we would live, but as usual the Lord worked it all out.

We have had several miracles happen to us on this journey, but Im not sure that you would all be interested in the small beautiful details. Nevertheless, let me assure you that I have been privately journaling this journey, so that someday I can look back on these words and be reminded how divine God is. Also, so my boys can read my private journal, and their faith can be increased too. Trusting in God isn't always easy, in fact it can be downright scary, but time and again He is good to Den and I, and our faith continues to be increased.

Let me just say, that Den was recruited at a construction company as a senior superintendent, and they want him to start April 2nd. That is one week away. This is a miracle, for he only went to one interview in Oregon, and they hired him immediately. Then we needed to find a house extremely quickly, and we didn't feel like we could leave the state of Oregon and head back for home until we did so. Then we needed to be accepted by the rental agency, but asking them to do this the same day is highly unusual. However, after much praying and calling around for prayer, they accepted us within hours of turning in our application. Another miracle.

So we are now home, in the beautiful state of Washington tonight, and we will rise in the morning and begin to pack up our wonderful home here, and transport ourselves where the Lord told us to go. We will be starting a new assembly there, and I am confident that God is in it, and we will flourish there.

Here are some pictures of our new home, that we will be moving into the very next weekend. I will definitely be posting more about our spiritual journey, but for now, it's almost 1am and I am wiped out from a 4 day trek across states. However, I will end this post, saying thank you God for helping us the entire way so far.

Den standing in the kitchen talking to the realtor about our dilemma.

The realtor half

Our living room and formal dining area.

Our family room.

This is the backyard, there is a hot tub too. I can't wait to sit in that baby!

The backyard is relatively small, but they managed to squeeze in a basketball

Here is the front of our new home. It happens to be in a cul-de-sac, which is nice for the boys.
Its definitely much different than 20 acres, but when God says go, we gooooooooooo.


Anonymous said...

Trina it sounds like God has truely been working in your life. I am glad you will have the knowledge of his miracles large and small to lift you up when life is heavy. I love your house. It is beautiful. I really enjoy your blog it is so uplifting.


Rosann said...

Trina, I have been lurking on your blog for some tome and have been so blessed and encouraged by your posts. I'm so happy for you and your family that things are falling into place so quickly. God is good and I pray your new home will bring you even more joy and growth. The house and cute yard look great! God Bless!

Nadine said...

What a blessing. Isn't God great when he works these things out. His timing is unbelievable. It's no wonder things worked so well and quickly - God is good.

The house is beautiful - love the kitchen. God bless and I pray that the move will go smoothly for you.

Randi said...

Oh, this is exciting, Trina! I will praying for you!

The house is great. Looks like plenty of room for your family! Just think, when you arrive in Oregon all exhausted, you can put those boys to bed and jump in the hottub! Yeah!

Looking forward to an update when you arrive in your new home!

Neurotic Mom said...

Wow that is really great and exciting

meNmykids said...

Beautiful! I never fail to be amazed at how adaptable you are, from one extreme to another in the blink of an eye! When you sweep your georgeous floor remember another similar floor in a small red house on a hill and be thankful for yet another blessing. Not that you didn't have blessings there, but be thankful for the ease of things in your new home (I know you will). And the hot tub, hot, without a generator! I hope that God blesses you with lots of company and a few more families. Gods will be done.

Leah said...

Trina, that's a beautiful home! Thanks for giving us a peek inside with all the lovely pictures. LOVE the kitchen!! Everyone will want to help you in the ktchen now I betcha! Hehee! I bet you'll miss all the land though...

Keep the updates coming! =)

Mrs.Martin said...

Trina I love the home! It is citified and beautiful. Wow what a change this is going to be for your whole family. I know the Lord has blessed you with faith, to be able to go embark on this journey. I feel very good about it. Yet, I was hoping you would move here, when the Lord said your work was done there. However, I know the details of how the Lord worked and it also gives me faith. First interview in Oregon and he got the job! Ya! I am also praying the Lord will be with your handsome teenage sons in their change to Oregon. And may God bless you with many brethren in your part. Get ready to make alot of spaghetti meals and ready your bedrooms for company! Love to you both sis. I could write quite a bit more, but I will stop now.

momto3blessings said...

I am very happy for you guys. I know it has been a scary stressfull time but you will be blessed. I loveeeee the house. I cant wait to see it in person.

Beth said...

Hey Trina,
Well how exciting and scary. It is so hard to move, but it is nice when you feel confident it is the Lord's will. I hope all goes smoothly with the move and that you guys love it there. Lord-willing we will come visit if we are in Oregon. What part of Oregon will you be living in? Have fun packing!!!

Steff said...

Oh Trina, how could you say that we would not be interested in the small miracles as well as the big ones?! Speaking for myself, I am always blessed when I read or see God working in others' lives. It reminds me that God is Almighty and that my patience (my patience is a very fluid will be rewarded. Never stop sharing with us the ways that God is working in your life!

Trina said...

Sylvia: You are right, remembering these kinds of times are soo good when things aren't always going so grand.

Rosann: I am so glad that you decided to leave a comment so I could meet you! Come back often!

Nadine: His timing is unbelievable, and if we aren't careful we forget and don't give Him credit.

Randi: It is exciting, but I will miss everyone here! I will definitely plopping myself in that hot tub!!

Neurotic Mom: Life has a way of constantly surprising you, doesn't it?

Gale: You are so right. You and I can totally appreciate electricity and the hardships of that home on the mountain. Good memories, but it was full of life lessons that I will never

Leah: Yes the kitchen looks like a great one! You are right though, we will miss this country and our amazing friends that we are leaving behind.

Mrs. Martin: Well Oklahoma was definitely in the running, but as you know God had other plans. I love the idea of being citified again, although I will miss Mary intensely.

Cheryl: I love the house too, and yes it has been crazy and stressful. However God is always good and generous!

Beth: It is exciting and scary for sure. I would love to see you guys. I will email you with info later.

Steff: You are right! I will post more of this whole ordeal later. God has been amazing and has seen us through some turbulent weather, and I owe it to Him to share, for sure!

kristarella said...

Oh Lord, Please, please, please be Central Oregon. hehehe
Won't you be my neighbor?

You are a blessed woman.
You are walking out the Proverbs 31.
I am impressed. And praying.
You Go Girl!

Adventures In Babywearing said...

Oh yes- you are blessed! How exciting that you and your family are so obedient to wherever God will call you! What an exciting time!


Nan said...

Trina, where in Oregon is it? I have lots of family in Oregon and actually... secretly want to move there several years down the road. I have always loved Oregon. I'd love to know what part you are moving to!

Whirlwind is right!! I can't believe how fast God moves sometimes... but btdt so I know what it's like! :^D


Cherrie said...

The house looks so nice. I love it!

Nicki said...

I just got caught up on everything that is going on in your life! WOW! Talk about a whirlwind! Isn't it wonderful to be able to look at things and actually see the hand of God in every little situation. You know that we are experiencing something similar right now. I cannot tell you how blessed we have felt with seeing God at work in our lives, especially in the times when things can seem a bit scary or daunting.

You are in my prayers daily, Trina! I'm so excited for you as you start out on this new adventure. May He continue to bless you all as you follow His will.

Oh, and the house is gorgeous! If I'm not mistaken, it seems as though the color scheme that is going on in there is similar to what you just did in your current home. Is it not?

la bellina mammina said...

such a beautiful house!