Sunday, March 25, 2007

God Worked It All Out

I thought I would share one of the many miracles that the Lord did for us while we were down in Oregon.

Den and I arrived to our hotel Tuesday evening. He had an interview at 9am this next morning. When he woke up in the morning I could tell he was nervous, in fact his nose began to bleed and didn't stop for a good 15-20 minutes. I knew that he was stressed, so I sat on the bed across from him and reassured him that God was in control. That He already knew how this interview would go, and that it didn't matter what Den said or did, if it was God's will for him to have this job, he would get it because of God's will.

Later that day, after sitting in the hotel all day, he walked back into the door, all smiles, and gave me the news that he signed with them. God's will be done.

The next step was to now find a home. The company wanted him to begin the very next Monday, but Den let him know that we weren't even moved into the area yet, and we needed at least a week to move our entire lives to a new state. I was shocked that we only had a week, but I felt that if God wanted us there that soon, than He would have to allow all these things to fall into place.

The next morning, we got up with our list of homes from the internet that we needed to see. There weren't that many to choose from, sadly. This isn't the time of year that people like to move their families. They like for their children to finish out the school year, and so four bedrooms homes were not readily available.

We looked at a handful of homes, but nothing was the right fit for one reason or another. By the end of the day, we still hadn't found anything that we felt would work, so we decided we needed to stay one more night, and we would pray mightily that the Lord would provide. Panic hadn't set in just yet, we were sure that God would grant us a home, we just had to have faith that He would deliver.

We found a house, by chance, in the neighborhood that we had lived in before, and I was excited about it. The next morning we called that rental agency and told them we wanted it for sure, and we wanted to see it. Well they put us off for 2 and a half hours, but what could we do, but wait. We killed time at the nearest Barnes and Noble sipping on a mocha, until it was time to meet the realtor. When we got there she wasn't friendly, in fact she was downright condescending to us. We explained our dilemma and how we needed them to hurry the application along, but she wasn't making us any promises. This is when we got back into the suburban and we called, again, on the last house we had seen that we felt would be a misfit. It was incredibly small, and we didn't know how WE would all fit into it, let alone the company we knew we would be called to have. I tried to persuade Den why it would work, but I could tell he was unhappy, however what were we to do but to settle.

We called that agency, quickly, and asked if it was still available. They reassured us it was, but now it was getting late in the afternoon and it was Friday. So we went to their place of business with our application in hand and Den went in to beg them to hurry things along, and if there was anything we could do please let us know. We also let them know that we would be wandering around town until we got the news. This is when Den found a brochure laying on one of the desks describing another 4 bedroom that looked available in the area. We asked if we could go drive by, they said sure. We were surprised that no one had mentioned this house to us before, or that it wasn't listed on the internet.

As we drove to this house, we excitedly realized that it was in the neighborhood we liked. When we pulled into the driveway, we both looked at each other and said, "This is the one!" We got out and looked inside the windows. It was everything we had hoped it would be. We called the agency and asked if they could exchange the homes on the application. They agreed while still feverishly trying to get all our information ran through their system. As soon as Den hung up our cell phone, the realtor that showed us a house the day before pulls up into this obscure cul-de-sac. We both can't believe our eyes, for we had just hung up the phone with the agency, and we didn't request them to send anyone out. We were that sure of this house. However, he parks in front of the house, and we wave at him. He waves back, and rolls down his window. We asked him if he remembered us and he did. He asked us why we were in front of this house. We told him of the situation, and he agreed to open the door to let us look at it. He said he was in the area because he had never seen this house yet. It had JUST been placed on the rental market. Of course, he didn't know anyone else would be there. We were shocked, pleased, and we knew that God had just worked it out.

After we went inside, we fell in love with it, and he let me take pictures of the home. We finally left, and now we had to nervously wait to see if they could hurry our application along, and pray that no one else would rent it in the process. They told us that in order to check credit, criminal backgrounds, rental history, and references they would need 3-5 days. We prayed mightily and even called around for prayers. Den and I nervously and anxiously waited and thought about the what-ifs, you know the kinds of fears that Satan plagues your mind with. However, only a few short hours later, the agency called and said that we had been accepted. We were thrilled, and knew that God had worked this house deal out completely. As we got on the freeway to head back home to our boys, we praised God for his mercies and his miraculous works in our life.


Mrs.Martin said...

Absoluetly beautiful testimony. Now, not many move that Quick sister and I know the Lord is in it. Well, after all, it almost takes a week to Just get approved doesn't it. LOL Very excited for you.

Happy Birthday Abram and River!!!!!

5atkins said...

It is so wonderful that God and His Providence is glorified in your testimony. I am continuing to pray for you all as you pack to move! I pray God gives your whole family great contentment in His will! In Him, Eva

5atkins said...

It is so wonderful that God and His Providence is glorified in your testimony. I am continuing to pray for you all as you pack to move! I pray God gives your whole family great contentment in His will! In Him, Eva

Anonymous said...

Sorry about the repeat! My computer must have hiccupped! :) Eva

meNmykids said...

Great that you can still take time to enjoy the praise to our King. I hope that all comes together in the same smooth way that it has been. I know it will, when God ordains something it works. Try to take a breather here and there, would hate for you to make it there only to be sick for the first week from overexertion.

momto3blessings said...

I love when you can see God's hand prints all over everything. Gives you that much more peace.

Fee said...

Hi Trina
I sense your excitement! What a beautiful testimony of God's perfect timing and providence in yourlives!
The house looks gorgeous! Keep us posted! All the best for the move!
Cheryl lives in Oregan..... will you be close to her?

Mrs. Guthrie said...

How awesome! God is good! I know He will continue to work everything out! We have faced very similar situations and it has always been amazing to watch God's work unfolding... God bless!

Nan said...

Trina, yes, I have family near you!!

I have an aunt and uncle in Gresham, some cousins that live on an acreage about 30-45 minutes away from them (but I can't remember which town they are closest to or in.) I have another aunt and uncle in Sandy. A cousin in Vancouver, WA. We come through there every other year or so. It would be so fun to meet you! I love Oregon.

How exciting! How are the boys handling the sudden news?

marykathryn said...

Well so many emotions that I am feeling that almost everyone I feel is a contradiction to another one I feel..sigh...If that even makes sense. HOWEVER one thing I am happy about is that I know the Lord is in it and it will all work out.......But I can't help feeling SAD!!!!!!!!

KIm in Idaho said...

Trina, This is so exciting. I know it is crazy but exciting. I havent checked the blog in several days because things here have been crazy. It is interesting that you are going to OR especially since I just mentioned to you about being in OR and sending a Hello to you from Dave and Dayna. How far away are you going to be from them? They are in Harrisburg (near Eugene)

Trina said...

Mrs. Martin: It is very quick, isn't it? I can hardly believe how fast it is all going myself. I told River and Abram happy birthday from Uncle C and Auntie! We wont be celebrating til we settle in, down in Oregon.

Eva: Thank you for your prayers, we can use all the prayers we can get. I pray we will be happy and content there too. Im sure we will though.

Gale: Yes once God says, "This is of ME, than it works." I will definitely try to not overdue, I sure don't want to be sick! =-)

Cheryl: I do have a lot of peace, and God's handprint is ALL over this.

Fee: I will definitely keep everyone posted! I love the house too, I feel very blessed to have it. Yes, Cheryl will live near by.

Mrs. Guthrie: It is a miracle, all of it!

Nan: I answered at your blog, but my boys are pretty excited overall. Sad very some obvious reasons, but they are adventurous spirits. God knew what He was doing when he gave us these FIVE souls, for sure!

Mary: You know I am SAD too!! However, you have been so amazing and encouraging through this. I have needed that, and you have been awesome! Thank you Mary!

Kim: Yes, we will only be a couple hours from Dave and Dayna.

Nadine said...

How amazing is the Lord that He works so quickly on our behalf. I'm happy that things went so well for you. I'll pray the move and unpacking goes as smoothly. God bless.

Anonymous said...

You are such an inspiration. God bless you.


Cherrie said...

I am so glad things are going so good. I will be so impressed with you if you do all this in a week. You will be SUPER MOM with out a doubt. lol and we will pray for you in this big transition. Take care and hopefully the sickeys will stay away.

Trina said...

Nadine: Thank you for your prayers. I will be glad when we are in the unpacking stage, rather than the packing

Tiffany: God is very good!!

Cherrie: I will be very impressed with me too! lol Thanks for the prayers Cherrie, and hopefully the sickeys will STAY AWAY! They are just not

Marisela said...

Wow it looks like things are really working out quickly for you guys. It is amazing the way God can work things out so quickly. As you probobly know we just moved to Colorado, and we did it very quickly, as it appears you are. The Lord just seemed to work one thing right after another. Sean was hired for his job with an over the phone interview, and we were able to find a nice 4 bedroom house that was ready for us to move in when we got here. I know all the nervous feelings you must be having, but when it is the Lords will it is such a blessing to see his mighty working power, and how smoothy he can allow things to work. Sometimes I am not quite sure where my place is going to be when I get to our new assembely, but the Lord has never failed me, and I have learned a lot and my faith has heen increased with each move. I wish Dennis and you the best there, and I will keep you in my prayers. If you would like to keep in touch my email is
Take Care,