Friday, April 14, 2006

What's the Difference?

The house is full of activity. Everyone is getting dressed for Sunday morning meeting. Now our company has 4 daughters 16, 15, 11, and 5. So this family is swallowed up in estrogen, and our family is enveloped in testosterone. The complete polar opposites, but even so I am remember what it was like to be getting ready for Sunday morning as a teenage girl. It was CRITICAL to look awesome, and if it took me getting up at 6am to get my hair just right, then that was the price I was willing to pay.

So Cayla, the oldest girl, knocked on my bedroom door. I say to come on in. She walks in and asks me if I have some gel that she can use on her hair. Now her hair is down to her waist and BEAUTIFUL! So I say sure honey. I look around my sink and dont see my gel, but Den's gel was sitting on the countertop. So I say well here is Den's, it smells a little musky, but he says it works great, do you want to use it? She says, sweetly, sure. So I hand her the large bottle and off she goes to her bathroom to finish her grooming. I was glad to help and assist in such a beauty regimen.

I go to the kitchen to clean up the breakfast mess and her Mom, Tammy, comes in to me and says, "Trina?"
I respond with a smile,"Yes."
" you know what this is?" She hands me the bottle of gel back.
"Yes, gel."
"NOOOOOOO." she replies.
"Well what do you mean?" I ask.
"This is shampoo, and Cayla has it all over her hair!" She explains.
Wide eyed now, I say, "Nooo, I am soo sorry, let me see it, oh my goodness!!!"
She laughs and says, "Yeah!!"

Later on she begins to tell the horrible tale to others. I am laughing as she is retelling the poor pathetic story, because I am MORTIFIED! That is when I find out that Cayla was crying in the bathroom when she had slathered it all over her hair and it started to foam. Yes, you heard me, FOAM, shampoo will do that you know. The poor girl had applied enough shampoo to have to rewash her hair. We teased her later that if she hadnt figured it out, that it would have been lathering up in the rain that day. Another sure sign of me being a mother of 5 boys, with no daughters in sight....LOL


Nicki said...

OH!!! My sides are hurting because that had me laughing so hard!

Neurotic Mom said...

ahahahahahahahaha that is hilarious

Mike said...

A couple of weeks ago I had my daughter...and my "other" daughter at my place all weekend. I had forgotten what girls go through to get ready to do anything. But they cracked me up...sharing whatever the other one didn't have to get

Nan said...

See Trina... This is why God gave us boys. Can you imagine if she was your daughter. She would have been so mad at you, glaring at you all the way to church and back! ROFL!
Actually my MIL has put hand lotion on her hair at least three times because of failing to read the label... likewise she has put conditioner on her hands a number of times thinking it was lotion. ???
I'm a blog-a-holic the last few days. I'd been dormant for a few weeks on the blog-o-sphere and I'm back now and can't seem to peel myself away! I think I've posted like 4 entries since yesterday evening!

momto3blessings said...

That is hilarious

Kim's Life said...

Ohh Trina. I bet you almost Ohh I have all this to look forward to when Krystal gets older. We had three girls in the family when I grew up. My sisters and I were the

Nan said...

Oh, Trina, just wanted to let you know that I moved to a new blog so maybe you can update your link to me!
The new one is:


Mel said...

Oops! My boys wouldn't have even noticed if they were slathering shampoo instead of gel into their hair!

WriteWingNut said...

LOL! A friend of mine has seven kids now and they are always getting into trouble. She found a Polaroid in the toaster once and toothpaste all over the bathroom, lol!

steff81 said...

Girls aren't all bad about stuff like that! I'm proud to say I can get up, shower, do makeup, hair, and get dressed in under an hour. Okay...maybe that wasn't the best

Pirate said...

Now that's funny unfortunately it had to come at the expense of a lovely young girl. Good recovery.

Beth said... sad. I can only imagine. I bet she would have been pretty devistated. Poor girl.

Renee said...

Sounds like something that I would do. And my oldest daughter is so dramatic about everything, I'm sure she'd be TRAUMATIZED!

jeneflower said...

This sounds like something I could have done. Like Nan said, having boys cuts way down on these types of problems. However, with a girl coming into our lives I might have to be extra careful.

Anonymous said...

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