Thursday, April 13, 2006

Freak-Super Freak-You Know I'm Freakie! (NOT)

Okay so I got tagged. I am not a big tag fan, but I will do this because I really like NeuroticMom, and she did the tagging. LOL

Here are the rules:
Tag 4 people. It was 6, but I am only doing 4. Make your own choice however.
List some Weird Facts about yourself, the weirder the
Leave a link of the blogs that you tagged so others can find them easily.

Here are the four blogs I tagged, so go read their WEIRD facts.

Our Little Family

Living In My Mind


Kim's Life

Okay ladies, your IT!!


1. I love goosedown everything.

2. All my closest friends laughed out loud when I told them I was raising chickens. I guess they thought I was too much of a city girl to know what I was doing.

3. I call ALL my boys "George".

4. Having a cup of chai from an espresso stand can MAKE MY DAY!

5. When I am telling a funny story, or making fun of something I automatically talk with a country twang to sound even more ridiculous. ( no offense to the south ya'all.)

6. I love to socialize, but afterwards I have to take time for complete solitude to recoup.

7. I would rather have too little in my house, then too much. Clutter keeps me from thinking clearly and being happy.

8. I HATE garage sales. I feel guilty if I go to look and don't buy something. I worry that they will think that I think they only have junk, so I avoid them.

9. I hate the smell of thrift stores. Feel anxious about bringing home anything that may make me feel like it's going to be an EXTRA thing laying around my house.

10. I have only bought ONE thing on Ebay in my life, and it belonged to Stephanie on my blogroll.... Hi Stephanie!! ;)

Okay so now you know a little bit about Little Ole' Me!!


momto3blessings said...

I love all of these. Of course I know most of these already. And I love your country Twang when you tell a funny story it adds so much to it. LOL. Brad always knows who Im talking to on the phone because i laugh so much. LOL

Neurotic Mom said...

LOL Trina i just love reading your blog.

Adventures In Babywearing said...

How funny! I have to say you did a great job for your 1st time on ebay! And that is the reason we met- so what a good outcome!

Beth said...

Hey Trina...well thanks for the "tag" I just completed my list of weird facts. It was fun, but also kinda hard to come up with things. Well I like you list too and can totally relate to the chai tea thing. I just love them. Have you ever tried it with vanilla in it...yummy it is so good!!!

WriteWingNut said...

Oh my gosh! I thought I was the only one who did the socialization/recoup thing. Glad I'm not alone!

Mother On an Island said...

Trina, I'm amazed at how little of this I knew :) Like the whole Goodwill thing....really? The garage sale one cracks me up. I'm kind of the same way. I never go to them cuz I already have waaaaaaaaay too much stuff, but when I find myself at one, I always try to leave when the people aren't looking. I dislike clutter, only at my house it's everywhere. I'm working on it.

Kim's Life said...

Hey Trina thanks for the Tag. I just finished my list but had troble passing the tag on. Most people have already been Tagged. LOL

Kim's Life said...

Happy Easter Trina to you and your family.:) Have a great day.

steff81 said...

First, Happy Easter!!! Hope your Easter Bunny does better than the Tooth

Second, I LOVE going to garage sales! There is just something about going through someone else's junk and finding treasures :o) But I understand where you're coming from. Sometimes my mom and I are looking for one specific thing and we'll pull up in front of the yard and if we don't see anything like it we'll just drive off...not even get out. I know...I'm cringing now thinking about what those people probably think. But on the whole...I'm garage salen' people.

jeneflower said...

Greetings from Utah. We are having a great time. Your list is hilarious. The garage sale phobia is very funny! I never thought about feeling bad about not finding stuff I want at a garage sale. Now maybe I will think about that and I will worry that they think that I think they just have junk, which they probably do. And so then maybe I will buy some of their junk just so they feel better about themselves and then I will accumulate more and more junk at my house which would mean I would have to hold a garage sale, which may make others feel anxious and so I will worry about that too. Thanks for making me more neurotic than ever! Just kidding!

Nicki said...

The garage sale thing is funny! I used to be a major garage sale person, then the more kids that I had, I began to become a clutter freak. So, I can't stand the clutter either. LOL!

I'm going to go post my weird things now.

Renee said...

Great 'weird' list. I'll have to go do mine now. thanks for the tag!

Pirate said...

I now have erased you from my list of possible garage sale buddies but i still enjoy you.

Trina said...

Stephanie: You are sooo right, a wonderful outcome for sure!!

Beth: Chai with vanilla...hmmm sounds good, but I think I will be better off not getting addicted to more

WWN: I am glad to hear that I am not alone of the recoup thing too.

Steff: Hey the Easter Bunny made it with no screw ups...LOL

Jen: That was hysterical...I have decided that I am a little obsessed on rereading my weird list how fanatical I am about garage sales, thrift stores, and junk. Even my hubby on reading laughed out loud how that sounds...hehehe

MotherIsland: I bet those are some odd facts that you didn't know about me..hehehe I will buy stuff at a Thrift store, but I dont go often because of the smell.

Kim: I loved your weird list, VERY funny. Happy Easter to you, although belated!

Nicki: No pressure to do your weird list BTW. The garage sale is a known fact about me that ALL my friends know.

Renee: I will come read your list. I hope you look as loopy as me!!

Pirate: Oh... I MAY tag along if YOU buy something...LOL