Friday, March 24, 2006

Happy Happy Birthday Babies!!!

Well tomorrow is both my babies birthdays. One will be 16, while the other will be 5. They were both DUE on March 13, but both BORN March 25th, 11 years apart. They were both born on a SUNDAY. One was born at 9AM on the nose, and the other born at 11AM on the dot. I was in labor with both 4 HOURS. They are my little twins, eleven years apart, that can happen right?

I love them both like craaaazy! They each one bring such beauty and joy to my life. River is Mr. organized, and our very responsible son, being the oldest will do that to you. Abram is the sweetest little cupcake to come out of the bakery. Both boys still say, "I love you" to their Dad and me EVERYDAY, and we still get kisses at bedtime. One plants it on my cheek, the other tackles me and lays a wet one smack dab on the mouth. I'll leave you to decide which one...hehehe
One is 6'4" and one is around 4". River has dark hair and hazel eyes, while Abram is our toe head with blue eyes. Abram is excited about getting ready to start school soon, while River is about to gain his freedom behind the wheel.

They are both MINE, and I am so blessed!
Happy Birthday Boys, Happy Birthday!


momto3blessings said...

Happy Birthday Boys!!!

Pirate said...

Happy Birthday to your gems. You are a lucky family. It is cool that they share not only the family but a special day with each other.

Kim C. said...

I love overlapping birthdays!
I'm one of 14 children, and there are 3 shared birthdays among us. Incredibly, the twins were born on separate days: the older twin (#12)shares a birthday with another brother (#7), while the younger twin (#13)was born the next day.
The 9th child was born on #5's birthday, and #10 was born on #4's birthday.
Our own children were nearly all born on holidays or previously claimed birthdays - it's so fun trying to guess who we'll "hit" with this next baby!

Renee said...

They even look alike! They are so beautiful and what a nice post. Happy Birthday to your 'babies'!

Neurotic Mom said...

Happy Birthday boys

Mel said...

How sweet! (I'm guessing one is 6'4" and the other is 4', though, not 4"!)

scahays said...

Happy Birthday River and Abram!! I can't believe how time flies! It seems like only yesterday that Abram was a newborn. I can't believe River is driving. Andy has two catagories for teenage boys, 1-people who can drive him around,and of coarse 2-those who can't. River will soon be in the number 1 catagory and that will make him fabulous in Andy's eyes.(like he isn't already)

Beth said...

Trina...that is so neat. I can't believe that Abram is going to be 5. That is so crazy. Well I hope that they both have great birthday's!! Seems like there has been a lot of b-days this month.

Kim's Life said...

Wow thats amazing. It is like they are twins.. Funny how things like that happen.. Look Im going to sing them Happy Birthday. I love singing Happy Birthday everyone just looks and laughs when I do it Lol. So here I go
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday dear River and Abram.
Happy Birthday To yooooouuuuu!
Hip Hip Haray.
Now Im sure if River heard that he would be cringing and Abram would be laughing..lolol
Thank you for your concern with Krystal that was so kind of you. Yup she has high temps and is feeling really low the poor thing. I freaked a little but I am now controling her Temp. I hate it when the children get sick.Poor things. Hope you have a great day with the Boys on their Birthday.Bye

Mike said...

Nice post...and what planning went into having the kids share a birtday huh?

Sonya said...

happy birthday boys.we love and miss you all so very much.

MarylandMommy said...

Happy Birthday to two of your sweeties!!!

Nicki said...

Happy (belated) Birthday, River and Abram!

Trina, you are indeed blessed!

Heidi said...

What beautiful names.