Thursday, March 23, 2006

Washed Out Driveway

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We were sitting around the table this morning finishing up our math, when the phone rings, it's Dennis. He is calling in an S.O.S, the driveway is being washed out. The snow is melting at such a quick pace that it has formed a pond at the top of our long dirt road, and it is washing it out rapidly. So Dad is calling to rally the troops...A.S.A.P.

I relay the message to the boys, they rapidly get their boots on, and head for the shop to grab shovels and a pick. They throw them in the back of the suburban, River jumps in to drive, and they head down the driveway to seek and find the damage. Sure enough, its bad! They begin to explain the damage to me over the walkie-talkies, and how they are going to dig a canal to guide the water away from the road, then they are going to build a dam to keep the rest maintained. They will be checking in periodically to let me know how it's going.

An hour, or so, later they let me know that they have controlled the disaster, but the road is pretty bad. The soil is weak, as the weight of the suburban continues to erode it away.

I explain that they should come back to the house and grab the camera so we can have pictures, thinking this is another good homeschool moment. Allowing them to discuss and come up with a way to resolve the dilemma, building their confidence as men. You can hear the take charge attitudes over the hand-held radio, and I can tell that they are feeling a sense of pride. They are eating this up, Dad will be pleased, even impressed at the conclusion of this mission.

Problem is resolved for now, although we will be keeping track on any new run away streams that may occur. Life in the country is all about turning boys into men. Over and out.


momto3blessings said...

What a great homeschool/life moment for sure. You have great boys you should be very proud of them. What great young men. It is wonderful they took charge and got the job done.
Great pictures also.

Renee said...

Always nice to have those boys around! The chores get done much faster, huh?

scahays said...

What a Day!! Those boys are awesome! I can totally picture their pride in the work they accomplished.

Mother On an Island said...

Trina, for some reason, I just adore this particular posting. I can totally picture the boys feeling all manly and helpful and like they're gonna take out the trash. How adorable. Your property is absolutely breath-taking!!!

Trina said...

Cheryl: I am proud of them. They are hardworking boys, and they love getting their hands dirty.

Renee: Having boys is wonderful!

Chantel: Andy would have joined right in if he had been here. It would have been a great manly memory...LOL

Elise: They did, driving, making decisions, walkie talkie, it doesnt get much better then is a pretty view, but man we work for it.

Nan said...

Love it! It's refreshing to hear your take on raising boys. It's so sad that so many look at us like we are crazy or really unfortunate for having to raise so many boys. It's really a joy and a gift from God to raise future men... I guess what they don't know won't hurt them...

Nicki said...

I love it, Trina! Every thing brings an opportunity for learning and growing. Great example!