Saturday, March 25, 2006

What Time Is It Mama?

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"What time is it Mama? What time is it?", was the continuous chant of the day. Abram could hardly wait until 7pm, which is when we were going to celebrate his Yu-Gi-Oh party.

I had decorated the dining room with all the Yu-Gi-Oh party favors that I could get my grubby little hands on. We don't have large birthday parties every year for the boys, instead we have special celebrations for years in their life that represents transition. Like 1, 5, 10, 13, 16, and 18, all the other birthdays are low key family events. So this was EXCITING!!

Abram was so pumped that as the guests would arrive they would hand him the gift and he would run towards it and say, "Thanks sooo much!" They would chuckle and say, "Sure!" He would then place it over on the table with the other presents. There was so much adrenalin pumping through him that the thrill was continuing to grow and grow, however Abram kept putting his hand to his forehead and complaining to me that he felt hot. I would then feel of him to see if he was warm, which he wasn't, and I would remind him to slow down. I was hoping he was just overheating from all the running around that the little kids were doing. Then he would scamper off to join the kids again. Frequently though, he would come back in, stand before me and repeat that he felt REALLY hot and could he have some ice. I would feel of him again and still no fever. I asked him if he had a headache or if he felt sick to which he responded, "No, just hot, and when could we get started?" I would then instruct him not until everyone arrived. By this time I was growing concerned that he was actually getting sick and I was hoping that we could just get the show on the road. The final clencher to whether or not he was becoming ill was when I gave the little tikes some balloons to play with, and he chose to kneel on the ground, place his forehead on his balloon, and bounce his head on it again and again. This is when the conversations stopped as we all looked on with dismay. This was a sure sign that our little birthday boy was NOT well, we chuckled, but this is when the button was clicked on my mother stopwatch. I knew we needed to get this show on the road and soon.

Shortly after, our last family arrived. I explained to the other moms that Abram didnt act like he was feeling well, and so we were going to need to hurry if he would be able to participate in his own birthday party. So we hurriedly gathered the kids around the table, snapped photos, sang Happy Birthday twice, (once to River and once to Abram). Then we served cake and ice cream, which he didnt eat much of, and I began on the gifts. I felt like I was a sprint runner at this point, and if someone was unaware of my reasoning it would have seemed like I was just as anxious and impatient as Abram had been. The gifts were opened excitedly with many squeals of joy and thank yous. It was quite an impressive lot, to which he shared his amazement. He was looking at one of his presents, when one of the Dad's chided, "Hey Abram, do you think I could play with that dragon?" To which he gave a wide eyed smile and said, "Duuuuuuude!" And we all laughed. Once the last shreds of wrapping paper settled on to the floor, he stood on the chair, put his hand to his forehead AGAIN, and he said, "Thanks for all coming and for ALLLL the gifts! It's like Chwistmas!!!" Then he turned to me and said, "Can we huwwy and do the pinata?" Which I said with a knowing glance, "Absolutely." It was the fastest birthday party ever, straight out of The Guiness Book of World Records. Once the candy had been collected from the pinata, all the kids disappeared into the playroom to count their loot.

Shortly after though, Abram returned to me with a sad look and said, "I can't take it anymore Mama. I have a headache." His hand remained on his forehead and he said, "I have an idea! I will lay on YOUR bed for awhile, then I will feel better." I agreed and walked with him to my bedroom. There I rubbed his head and prayed for him. He was holding his candy in his hand, and he said he was sad because he was sick and that he wasn't going to get to play with his friends anymore. I said, "Well maybe you will feel better in a little bit, if you lay here for awhile?" He quickly said, "That's okay.... I am sick.... I need to sleep." Now you know your little one isnt well when he is advising YOU that he needs to sleep rather then to PARTY.

Sure enough, he fell asleep. I turned the lights out and shut my door as the activities of all the other kids were still going on at full speed in the rest of the house. All the gifts were left by the table unopened and unplayed with. They would have to wait for another day, when our 5 year old little boy was well again. I think the anticipation of such an exciting day just wore him out, but right before he drifted off he told me, "It was the BEST birthday EVER mama!" That's good enough for me Abram, now have sweet little Yu-Gi-Oh dreams little boy.


momto3blessings said...

AWE I was so sad for Abram reading that. Poor baby! I hope he is feeling better soon.

Kim's Life said...

Ohh the poor thing. Im sorry to see he isnt well. Poor thing. I hope it was just the excitment of the day and I hope he wakes up feeling wonderful and he is able to play with all those lovely toys. You did a wonderful job with the party. You are clearly a wonderful mum. Get well soon Abram.:)

Mike said...

What a neat little kid...hope he's feeling better today.

MarylandMommy said...

Awwwww, hope Abram is better soon!!!

Pirate said...

you have a great looking crew. I am glad a good time was had by all.

I finally updated my links and now I have yours on there.

Trina said...

Hello EVERYONE: Thanks for the sweet words. He is doing much better. He woke up bright eyed and bushy tailed and ready to pounce on his new gifts. Thanks again you guys!
Pirate: How kind of you to put me on your links, thanks!

Mother On an Island said...

I just want to give that little boy a big hug. He sounds like such a trooper. Hope he's better now. AND that it doesn't make the rounds on everybody else at your house... :)

Nicki said...

Oh, so precious!! I'm glad that it didn't last long.