Monday, March 06, 2006

Hail Hail the Gangs All Here!

Well my boys are all back home, and it sure feels great! I am so pleased that they went, had a fabulous time, but even better that they arrived back home to us safely.

River and Isaiah walked in the door this morning with duffle bags slung over their shoulders as we all stood up to greet them with huge smiles on our faces. As they dropped their bags to the ground, Abram began jumping up and down, chanting, "I missed you, I missed you!" As River bent down to squeeze him, Isaiah nabbed Roman right off the couch to discover what new things he had accomplished in the last week. Levi couldn't stop asking them about what they had got to do.

Once the initial chattered quieted, we all began to settle in so we could hear all about their trip. A couple of us sat on the sofa, Abram sat on his knees with his hotwheels spread out, while someone else went off to open the refrigerator door to see what there was to munch on, and then the stories began to unfold. There wasn't anything unexpected shared, but you wouldn't of guessed it based on the speed with which these stories were told. Same kids, same activities, but all exciting to them. It was wonderful. I just soaked it all in, relishing their expressions as each tale was shared.

Even though I stayed active with my younger three boys while they were gone, and we settled into our own routine without them, there is something to be said for having all the gang back home. To have the boys step into the house with their beautiful smiles and eyes all lit up, reminded me why its so hard to say goodbye and so sweet to say hello.


MarylandMommy said...

Glad everyone made it home safely & that fun was had by all!

Love the new look on your blog!

Nicki said...

I'm glad you have all your boys under one roof again. I'm happy to hear that they had a fun time.

Nan said...

Glad the gang is all home again!
I so enjoy your writing Trina. It gives me a wonderful taste of things to come.
If only I could look at your picture without being consternated at how incredibly identical you are to my best friend. I honestly think she is your missing twin! LOL!

Trina said...

MarylandMommy: Thanks. I was ready to branch away from the basic templte and throw myself into it a little. The starbucks coffee cup just makes me happy, I wish I had it right now..LOL

Nicki: You are always so good to stop by. I am thrilled to have my boys all back too.

Nan: Hi there!! So glad to hear from you again. You know I adore you! You will enjoy your 4 boys as much as me I am sure. You must send me a pic of her, that is so funny.

momto3blessings said...

Im glad to hear the boys made it home safely and that they hade a wonderful time.
I love the new blog!

Trina said...

Momto3: Thanks for the help Cheryl. I couldn't have changed it without you. You're the best!

momto3blessings said...


steff81 said...

Saying hello again after a while gone is always sweet. Makes you remember why it's good to come home! I like the new look!!!

Trina said...

steff: Thanks Steff I had fun piddling around with it. Hellos are the best. Like when you haven't seen a great friend in awhile and seeing your loved ones.

Sonya said...

Tell the boys they can come visit their Aunt Sonya in Alaska!!!!

Mike said...

Always nice to have the kids home...and I like the new look you have here.

Trina said...

AuntSonya: They're on their way. Do you take Fed Ex or UPS there? hehehe

Mike: It sure is! And thanks, you inspired me!