Saturday, March 04, 2006


Today was the big day, Abram's first wrestling tournament. All of our boys wrestle, and so far do pretty well, but Abram, well he's been babied. So this little boy doesn't have a stitch of aggression in him. He is like a marshmallow waiting to be squeezed, passive, he whimpers and someone comes to his rescue. He hasn't had to fight for anything. Even when he was a baby and I would buy all the boys suckers, and he would give them a sideways "whatcha got there" glance, and "Bam" it was in his mouth. Pathetic really. I told the boys that we were trying to raise a level headed man here, not a boy with "Emperor's syndrome". Anyway, needless to say, this boy hasn't had to fight for too awfully much. Toys, suckers, and kisses have been laid at his feet.

Okay so back to this wrestling tournament. Dennis and I were sizing him up in the morning.
He had on his little red singlet with white bear paws stamped on his behind. Sooo adorable and yet naive. And here we were about to feed him to the wolves. Thinking, this boy ain't gonna know what hit him. This is the day his innocence is about to be stolen from him, that no one there today was going to be giving up their lollipops. Dennis said aloud, "Today we will teach him to man up." Dennis couldn't wait to BOND!

So later that morning, Abram takes to the mat for his match and low and behold...
it's a little girl. Oh no! We have trained all our boys to treat a little girl like a lady. Ladies first....etc. etc. So Abram is standing on the mat with this little blonde hair darling. Abram looks at his Dad like, "Uh... What should I do?" Dennis looks at him firmly and says with a convincing voice in a low rumble, "Take her down Son." Abram becomes wide eyed, the whistle blows, and they go round and round, neither one making a move. When Dennis decisively, yet calmly instructs again, "Abram, take her down Son." All of a sudden her feet are swiped from under her and BOOM he is laying on top, no more struggle...nothing, they both just lay there til the whistle blows again and Abram arises victorious. Now he walks off the mat happy, but with a
raised eyebrow that says, "I'm wrestling girls?" Dennis slaps him on the back and says, "Well done, if a girl is out on the mat, you take her down."

The next match Abram loses, this time its a boy, and he sheds a tear or two and off Dad and son go to eat a bag of popcorn. Nothing like a little treat to get your mind off your wrestling troubles.

Now its time for the third match, he's still in the running for third place, but Dennis tells him he needs to get aggressive if he wants to win. So again, Abram steps onto the mat. The other 4 year old steps out there as well. They look each other over 'til the whistle blows, and round and round they go. Dennis hollers, "Get aggressive Abe!" So Abram grabs a leg and down the boy goes. The boy and him are clumsily wrestling for position, up and then down, and then up and then down, all the while Dennis is hollering, "Do the half! Do the half!" to Abram. Now Abram is winning, but all of a sudden he just stops, gets up, and walks over to Dennis during the match. The other boy is stunned that his opponent has abandoned the take down, but continues to just lay there dumbfounded. (Keep in mind these kids are only 4.)Abram stands in front of Dennis and the crowd only to say calmly and informatively, "Dad, I don't know what the half is or I would do it for ya, okay?" Dennis starts to laugh heartily and says, "Okay." So Abram turns back around and resumes the same position that he left off with the other little wrestler. The crowd is giggling and the match continues on. The whistle finally blows and the ref raises Abram's small arm as the winner.

At the end of the day he stands on the podium in third place. As they announce his name and put the bronze medal on his little frame, he raises his two arms with a fist and looks at Dennis and says, "BooYah Daddy, BooYah!" Nevermind he was in third, it could have been any color. It didn't matter, he was a gold medalist in his daddy's eyes and he knew it.


momto3blessings said...

That is great. I would have loved to watch that match. How funny he left his opponent like that. LOL

Nicki said...

Oh, I giggled so hard reading this! Too cute!

BooYah Abram, Booyah!

Mother-of-Hope said...

Trina, that is the BEST! I'm going to make my Dh read that when he gets up this morning! Loved it!

Mike said...

Now that was funny.

I would have had a hard time wrestling a girl also...unless there was mud or jello involved

just saying.


Mother-of-Hope said...

Trina, I just had to tell you, I read this just now to my kids and Dh...we were all just sitting her laughing! Funny thing is, you just mention wrestling to Dh and he starts wrestling with DS....DS is yelling "stop it dad! I wanna' hear!" LOL! They loved it!

Trina said...

Cheryl: I just wished we had videoed it.

Nicki: His testosterone was a pumping! LOL

Mike: My DH just laughed so hard at your commment!!

Mother of Hope: DH does that same thing if wrestling is even mentioned too. It must be a guy thing. LOL

Beth said...

Trina...that is such a funny story....I could picture the whole thing..:-)

mavvric said...

Way to go Abram!

Love the little intermission he took *L*

Just wondering - is there an age limit on girl/boy wrestling?

Trina said...

Mavric: They can began at 4 years old. And then there is a wrestling program all the way through High school.

MacroMoments said...

Trina, your writing makes me howl. You really have a knack for description. Abram's blessed to have such cheerleading parents behind him!

By the way, thanks for visiting my blog via Nicki's. I appreciate the link.

Nan said...

Trina! I love your blog! I actually want to link it on mine! (Come see mine btw!)
Plus... I need major help on mine!! How do you do alllll the cool stuff in your side bar? I can't figure it all out!! I am a blog loser!!
Help me!

MarylandMommy said...

Oh, that is awesome!!!

Renee said...

Too sweet! Can I have Abram?