Monday, November 14, 2011

Parenting Rhetoric

Aren't kids great?

But aren't parents pretty great too? I can say that since I can go on either side of this coin. I'm a kid and a parent, depending on who you ask.

I have found myself saying, without thought, so many things that are just silly that my parents used to say. The part that is even more funny is when your kids look at you blankly or make fun of those little sayings.

Today as I was getting netflix movies ready to head out to the mailbox (the only thing we ever really mail), Abram was standing by to be my mail runner. He looked me up and down, saw my jacket, and asked me if I was planning on getting out for the day. I replied that I was. He then asked me where I was going. I said I was going to the grocery store.

Now let me clarify why I made the following statement just so you understand my reason. The boys get excited when they think I'm going to buy more food; aka snacks! They would love it if I let them tag along, but I always end up spending longer and buying more when a male species bums along, and it doesn't even matter what age bracket I'm referring to. I would say that Den, Isaiah and Abram are probably the worst culprits. Anyway I digress.

So as I instantly saw his eyes light up like a Christmas tree I felt immediate pressure to make all his grocery dreams come true, so I clarified very quickly how that wasn't going to happen with this statement; the very statement that my parents said to me. I said in a firm voice, "I'm not going to go crazy, Abram!" To which I got a laugh and a reenactment of what a crazy person looks like. I chuckled too at that point! I hadn't even thought about what I said, but his little crazy jig snapped me back to my parenting rhetoric! I remember my parents saying that VERY thing to me, lots of times!

Then as Abram darted out the front door with the little red envelopes of Netflix movies I turned towards my computer to quickly jot down another funny moment of being a parent or being a kid, either way, it's gooood stuff!

Now I'm off to get some things done, or "I'm going to straighten up and fly right for a while!" hehehe

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