Thursday, November 10, 2011

IPhone Typsos...oh wait typos!

Iphone typos are the worst!

I love to leisurely lay in bed and play some "Words with Friends" with some amazing players, check out Facebook and, of course, leave comments from my bed in the wee hours of the morning. It all sounds so relaxing and thought provoking, right? WRONG!

This morning I was adding my two cents in on a little subject with one of my friends when I realized that the word I chose to use had one vowel changed in it, and now it looked like a profanity.

I immediately understood that my 3G iphone didn't have the capacity to delete a comment; one huge downfall of the older iphones. A lesson I've had to learn on more than 10-100 occasions. Too many times I've been out and about, added my little think-so on someone's status and then realized that I have misspelled a word, or even not added a word or two entirely. However, I just have to continue walking through Target with that little voice murmuring in my ear that I can't fix that until I get home!

On this occasion, thankfully, I WAS home, because it wasn't just a misspelling or loss of a word or two but a word that looked pretty awful and strangely fit with the context of the sentence. Complete Mortification!!

So I'm giggling, that horrifying giggle, as I can't get to my home computer fast enough to get it to start up. You know, it was so early in the morning that the computer wasn't on and purring yet. The whole time I was wondering if the other 3 contributors to the status have noticed. Of COURSE they have!! ACK!

So I sign into my FB account and find that wall and as fast as "Lightning McQueen" (you can tell I'm a mom to little boys to use that cartoon as my reference), and delete it. I stumble all over myself to explain it away in hopes that if someone did see it that they will understand, or hoping to see everyone say, "What are you talking about?"

Anyway....Im thankful I was home. I'm thankful that my friends know me well. And I think I need a phone upgrade, honey! lol

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