Sunday, November 08, 2009

Finally, Pictures!!!

Den bought me a new camera this last week. You see, I love photography! I have never owned an SLR digital camera though, and have made do with my other cameras. However, I have always grieved the thought that the window of opportunity to shoot my own children while they are young, with the sort of quality that I knew an SLR is capable of made me a little weepy. Either way I knew I would enjoy all my photos, but now that I have one I would like to get a lot better at taking photographs.

I find that I lean towards photos of people. I love capturing beauty in others. I dont mean just the posed kind either. Nor do I mean the kind of beauty that models have, but the beauty of thought, moments, and just real life. That is my kind of photography. Those kinds of photos just suck me in.

Anyway, I took so many pictures it was sort of ridiculous. I love that I could just delete the many many bad ones and hold on to some of the good ones. I have some posed photos, but I have some great photos that were also taken that were REAL. Moments I had hoped I would capture in my lifetime. So when these days are vague distant memories we can remember the moments behind the scenes. The moments that make a life. My life.....

I gave Den the camera so he could snap away at his stuff, and he caught this of Abram and I. Abram was asking me when we would get to go fishing again. I think I will always remember our conversation when I look at this picture. (I never would have let Den take a picture of me from behind, but this moment in time means everything to me.)

This picture of a 19 month old can't be forced. This was truly a photo of Bo letting us know he was weary with the camera at this point. LOL

This was Boaz still grimacing at the camera. Since the face hiding wasn't working he tried to plug his ears. I had never seen him plug his ears before. I was surprised he knew how to do that....hahaha

Again, Bo was not being Mr. Cheesy and Den had mentioned that he wasn't I was trying to sneak a peek....

We were trying to be creative behind this log...but I love how the little ones are just doing their thing. PERFECT!

Okay, I hate pictures of me laughing. Let me be honest, Im not super fond of pictures of me. But I am determined to show up more in family photo albums. I want the boys to remember me in lots of different moments. I was trying to get the boys to give me a kiss at the same time, but there was a fast little stream beside us and Den was stressing that the boys were going to fall in, and the chaos of it just struck me funny!! (You know it's real because hands and body parts are blurred from the movement.) Love that!

Abram and Roman were being super silly on some stumps and I just snapped away. I love this animated photo of my little Roman.

This flower is found behind my ear all summer and spring long. Why? Because my little boys are always plucking them from the ground, hiding them behind their backs, and gifting them to me, waiting for the yellow blossom to be placed behind my ear. I ALWAYS oblige, ALWAYS!

This is another photo of Roman and Boaz on those stumps. While Abram is trying to find his zen, Roman is on a whole other level....hehehe

We thought this little bridge would make an awesome back drop with all the fall leaves and green trees. Just as I was getting ready to get a picture taken with Roman I noticed that he had some toddler leftovers on his tiny mouth, and like a good mama I used my saliva to wipe it clean (Only babies and toddlers will tolerate that) Den snapped away....good job Daddy!!

Levi took this of his parents. Its posey, but I can see by my body language just how happy Den makes me, and I know how much he loves me. What a good feeling...when I see this.

Levi is 14, and since River and Isaiah are in their own place I know that my time left with Levi is limited. He isn't my baby, per say, anymore. Our relationship is evolving...and our body language shows that we are good friends. I not only LOVE Levi, but I really enjoy him!


Sharanya said...

I LOVE the pictures, Trina. They're magnificent, truly. Thank you SO much for sharing them. I particularly love the ones with you and Boaz, with you and the boys, laughing, and of course, where you're wiping off Roman's saliva. Beautiful :)

Also, glad to have you back!

Beth said...

Awesome pictures!!! Love them all.

Cherrie said...

Oh what some good pictures of your family. I love all the outdoor shots. I hope all is well and we are praying for you guys. Miss Ya....

Jules said...

AWESOME PICTURES!!! They are all so good! I particularly liked the ones taken on that little bridge :) I love taking my family outdoors and just snapping away! And your fall colors look great in the pics!!!

Marisela said...

I love all the pictures and all the little stories behind them....great memories fo you someday.

meNmykids said...

I hate pictures of me too, but have the same thought as you. I want them to be able to look back on me too. And me looking back on me too. I love the photos of all of you.

Mrs.Martin said...

Beautiful pictures of you and the boys Trina. I love the one with the little boys posing by the big log. So perfect. Keep them com'in.

Your Sis.

Lori said...

Wow! There are too many great ones to even tell you which were my favorites! I love family photos!
Great memories...

Colleen said...

The pictures really bring out the personalities of everyone! You will look back on them with such fond memories. Beautiful!

Sister D said...

Absolutely Priceless! My favorite is also the picture of the boys peeping over the log. (Roman looks like he's hatching up some scheme Tee Hee!)
I love the one of you and Den too. It makes me want to go outside, hold hands and take a walk with my Hubby.

Homeschooling6 said...

What great picturs. I too need to be in the pictures more. I'm rarely seen with my dc, ecpecially my last two. Thanks for reminding me that although I feel fat & ugly I need to be in some pictures.

Tish said...

Those are some cute pictures! I'm glad you are enjoying your new camera. I really would like to see if we could work it out for you to take our family pictures!

Anonymous said...

Great pics!

A long time ago, you left me a comment on my blog about having 5 sons and awaiting your 6th. Just wanted you to know.....We are having a girl in January after having 5 sons. Perseverance pays of!!! Don't give up! LOL!


PS~ I must change my blog name

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Homeschooling6 said...

Merry CHRISTmas :)