Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Waiting For Mercy

The double seated blue canvas camp chair was still sitting outside on our porch. I had woke up with a good sized headache, in actuality I went to bed with it too. After laying in bed for hours that morning Den asked me if I would want to go outside and get some fresh air, after all it was a gorgeous day. I had agreed as I slowly made my way down the stairs through the kitchen and out the french doors that led to a blue canvas camping chair.

Den was already sitting on one side of it. We had just bought a couple of books and this was the perfect time for us to catch up on reading. His was a colorful organic farming book, mine was called "Animal Vegetable Miracle". It had been highly recommended by a couple of acquaintances and so I picked it up. I must admit the title definitely didn't grab me, but I decided not to judge the book by it's title. As I placed my achey body into the chair I was pleased to feel the canvas had been heated by the steady morning sun. I found a comfortable position, one that allowed my feet to be propped up on the handrail in front of me. Den patiently let me find my comfy spot in that old chair.

It didn't take long before I was convinced that reading wasn't going to make my head feel any better. My eye muscles strained and screamed inside my head, therefore I just closed my eyes and leaned back on Den's shoulder. The warmth of a sunbeam covered my eyelid and I could still make out the yellow through my closed lid. Not long after we had made our presence on the porch the black kittens came bounding on the deck to play. Like all little boys they didn't want to miss out on any action. They wrestled and tumbled in the corner with one another while I lazily watched them. I relished all the greens that floated in different colors in front of me. The extent of hues and shades of green gave me a peace that resonated inside of me. I felt so blessed to have this house, to have this land, to have this family. I know that it seems that I say this over and over again in all my posts, but I can't help the feeling I have inside. I don't want to stop or forget to praise God for all that I have because I know that all that I have is from Him. Eventually, Den found his way out to the pigs; the land was calling him, I'm sure the colorful book he had been thumbing through was motivation enough. Rather than winding my way all the way back upstairs I laid on the purple couch just inside the french doors, closed my eyes and waited for mercy.


michelle said...

Thanks for your prayers .I am still having blood when i use the bathroom.I have read on the computer that it is acually very common for women to do this . Sorry about your headache I will be praying for you too! I think I would be okay with the bleeding if I would just have some baby movement.

Mrs.Martin said...

Beautiful Post. I have been sick this week and last week. Oddly enough I felt decent for about 3 days in between, to get worse the 2nd time around. I hope you feel better too.

I am glad you sent the photos of your home, so I can envision where you live. It just didn't seem right, that you all lived in town when you first moved there. Getting homesick again. Man being homesick is such a pain.

MIA said...

Hi Trina! Love getting updates on you and the boys. Hope all is well. Connor and I moved to Seattle a few weeks ago. We're an exploring duo.
Peace and love.

Neena said...

I'm sorry about your headache. Very descriptive, poetic post. I hope everything is going good for you... but I will probably find out as I play catch-up on your posts.