Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Birthday Season

5 birthdays in 6 weeks, not including mine which is also in April.

This time of year is an important time at this house. I suppose it's because I will have given birth 5 out of the 6 times during the spring, and therefore we are in birthday mode around here, which of course just so happens to be full of pivotal birthdays this year.

You see, Levi just turned 13 (he is now officially a teen), River is about to turn 18 (where did my little boy go?) Abram is turning 7 (thank goodness he is not in the double digits), and Isaiah will be turning 16 in April (aacckkkk another driver soon). So all four of those birthdays happen within weeks of one another, nevermind squeezing in a fifth celebration smack dab in the middle. I know we could have planned it a wee bit better, but if you know Den and I then you knooooooow we are not big planners....*giggle*

Anyway, I have learned that close to birthdays the boys get antsy. It's not because they can't wait for birthday cakes and gifts, no it's more like a little timer goes off in their biological brains and bodies, and it's not normally a very jolly experience for mama. I have made notes throughout their lives of these sorts of events and I am pretty sure it is scientifically correct, of course I am the mad scientist.

So, River is counting down to becoming 18 because he has big plans. He is getting ready to leave this old nest soon and he is flapping his wings and batting people in the eye with his gigantic wingspan. Levi is now a teenager and can attend church functions as a "young kid". He is constantly getting advice from his older brothers on how to be "cool" at such activities. Of course, then he wants to practice the "cool" part on the rest of us. Isaiah is anxious to turn 16, but he is behind on getting his drivers license and he is NOT pleased about this. He tries to get sympathy from me, and I can fake it from time to time, but I am sure I ooze "Oh well" a little too much, and therefore am not scoring points in that department.

Oh when did it all become so complicated? Abram is getting ready to turn 7 this month and his biggest concern is if we will be able to manage a Chuck E. Cheese run on his glorious day. I think I can squeeze a two hour adventure in to make his little world go round. However, he is not immune to the birthday evolution. He is always a little more emotional a few weeks before he is ready to blow out the candles. A few more gusts of throwing his little weight around in whatever small area he can, but lucky for me, his little weight is easily placed in the corner on such occasions....hehehe Now a 6'5" foot boy is a little more challenging and therefore takes a little more caloric brain power for me.

So to conclude this long winded post....I have to ask myself the question, "What was I thinking adding another birthday in the spring??!!"LOL


Tricia said...

5 out of the 6 of us have birthdays in July and August.

We call it Birthday Alley around here. :o)

marykathryn said...

Thats funny..I guess I never really did the math on how many birthdays are actually in that time frame for you guys!! I too know that my kidos seem to get a little "big for their britches" during their birthday weeks...Sigh, good thing they only have B-days once a year..hehe

meNmykids said...

I love the way you describe River wanting to leave the nest and hitting people with his large wingspan. That is great. Seems like birthdays kind of cluster, and kids do seem to get a little edgy around that time. It could have a bit to do with the soon to be enlargement of your family too. In my family, every one gets a little strange about that time. Maybe because Mamma sets the tone, and Mamma is a little strange too.

Jules said...

Wow! That sounds like us and June ;) Blake's is June 1st, Ryan's and my sister, Sue's is June 3rd, mine is June 9th, Stormie's is the 28th, and then there is Taylor July 15th. So I know all about cramming birthdays into a short time span, hehe. It is exhausting. Wow, so River is going to be getting his own place soon huh? I'm sure that is hard to believe, time flies by SO fast. My grandma always said, "It doesn't take long to live a lifetime"

Mrs. Guthrie said...

*lol* At the time, were you really considering another birthday in the middle of the other five birthdays? :)

Chantel said...

Maybe just you can have 3 babies born on the same day, instead of just two. Just kidding, I know you wouldn't be happy if you had to wait on this baby!

Lori said...

And you are going to go into labor right in the middle of it all! ha! Those are some big birthdays too - 18, 16 and 13...pretty special! Have fun and try to stay stress free! hee-hee!

Mrs.Martin said...

Yes, there is alot to plan this month, especially since we just realized at Hallmark that Easter is early this year. Yikes!

I also love the description of River. LoL

Leanne said...

You're definitely going to get to party with all of those birthdays!

I was just making the comment to my husband about how handsome your boys are....and they are! How blessed you truly are, friend.

You really must do a post about how you keep the costs of birthdays down, especially when you have so many close together. I myself would find that kind of post really helpful.

We have 6 kids, our oldest is Levi's age, and he turns 13 in April. Then we have had the privilege of having 5 girls! We have a girl whose birthday is just before Christmas, and two whose birthdays are 3 weeks apart in January....but that isn't anything compared to your birthdays!!!

I bet you're counting down the days till your snug-a-bundle is here!So are we!!!!!

Take good care!
Leanne in Longview WA

Cherrie said...

Wow, you are going to be a busy woman. Be careful with yourself, you have a lot to do the next few weeks. I can't believe those boys are almost 16 and 18, what happened, they grew up way to fast.

michelle said...

Well I guess we have 4 birthdays in 16 days plus our anniversary .Starting Oct 22,31 ,Nov 4,6 and our ann on Oct 27th.Dale myla Melissa and MacKenzie

skylene said...

All of our kids are born in the fall and I always thought I wanted to have my children in the Spring! Talk about planning. Also Sam's birthday is around that time and our anniversery. And to top everything off Saylor was born on our anniversery.

Kalisha said...

Sabriena said that the book Isaiah is a sad book (in the bible), so I just wanted to say: Tell Isaiah to stop being sad because there is no reason to be sad.

"Neena" said...

Kali mentioned that I told her the book Isaiah is a sad book. I haven't actually read it, but the beginning sounds sad, and I think it was the end of Isaiah that I once read (last 2 chapters) that was so sad. But when Kali told me last night that she was going to comment that to you, I thought about asking you:

If you named Isaiah "Isaiah", then why didn't you name Levi "Jeremiah". And Abram could have been "Lamentations", right? LOL.