Sunday, January 13, 2008

Moving Time

It's Sunday morning. Everyone in the house is still fast asleep, but here I sit, at the computer wide awake. It was weird but I kept dreaming that Den was so happy because we bought a boat. I know this doesn't make sense, but in a way it does, you see we FINALLY found a little building to hold our assembly in. It is small, but it is affordable for the small group that we currently have. The thing is is that it's our very own, all month long, any time we want, or need it. A huge prayer has been answered (not that there were any doubts that God would hear us). So I dreamt happy dreams all night long, and I can only contribute them to this wonderful gift that the Lord gave us.

Before, we were renting the bank community room for free, and let me just say it was a blessing in it's own right. However, we had to reconfigure the tables and chairs everytime we joined together, and then they wanted the chairs to be in the EXACT same place when we were done. You know the purple chair couldnt be in line with a blue chair or other some sort of nonsense. If you didn't really study the order of the chairs before they were pulled apart, or if we didn't take a quick photo with someone's digital camera then we were in trouble. Now we will have the freedom to put our own chairs any where we want and leave them there. Plus, I think we have some church pews that we have found, online, for almost nothing. Things are coming together after all.

Secondly, the bathrooms in the bank were locked half of the time. Luckily, we were adjacent to a Subway shop, and we used their bathroom, but that was incredibly inconvenient and awkward. Nevermind that there was no place to change diapers or console children. It was definitely frustrating, but honestly, beggars can't be choosers, and we appreciate the banks generosity to the community. Otherwise all meetings would have been held house to house all this time.

So today we are starting anew. Well I guess that would be next week, but it feels different already. I feel happy, blessed, and giddy that the Lord is following through with so many of His promises on this journey. It hasn't even been a year and so many many things falling in to place, people living here and supporting each other........*misty eyed*. Thank you dear Heavenly Father............


Tiffany said...

Thats so exciting! I'm so happy for the brethren over there. When you have a chance you should post a few pics for us to see. I'd be nice to have one to put in the next church directory too :)

Sister D said...

What a wonderful blessing! It just made my morning to hear what the Lord has done for all you dear brethren and it put that song "There shall be showers of blessings" in my heart today.

Our hearts are humbled by the love you've shown us. We Love you all and can't thank you enough for all your prayers and calls on our daughters behalf.
-Sister Dayna

Lori said...

Yay! That is GREAT news!! It's all coming together ~ can't wait to hear how next Sunday goes!!

Steff said...

It is wonderful that your church family now has a place to hold service! I can understand how that is a huge deal to you. :)

I have to've been saying he when you talk about the baby. Do you have a feeling or do you know?!

Kim said...

That is so exciting! The Lord truly does bless his people. I cant wait to meet with you in your OWN place!

Margaret said...

that's great - congrats on getting that! That will be so much better!
I also hope you find some clothes that fit! I remember those days!
Take Care

Tish said...

Tomorrow will be our first meeting in our new church. I'm excited! Of course now I'll have to get around earlier on Sunday's, but it will be nice to have a more normal Sunday; where we can spend the whole day with the brethren if we want to.