Monday, January 28, 2008

I'm Stuffed!

Oh my goodness I don't think I could feel as full as I do right now. The uncomfortableness of it all is at the maximum level. This baby is officially crammed in there, and we are both squirming about for room. I have found that my eyes are way bigger than my stomach when it comes to dinner time. I think I can eat a plate full of food, but 3/4 of the way through I can barely breathe. I find myself arching my back and putting my hand on the top of my belly. When I think of the fact that I still have 7 weeks to go I wonder what sorts of positions I will find myself in.

I am FINALLY starting to feel like I need to get things done. I think this is the latest that this "nesting" urge has hit me. Sis. Cherrie brought me out a lot of baby boy clothes from her little Samuel, and I had just dragged out my boxes of infant clothes too. Now they are all sitting on my bedroom chair staring at me. You see I have no place to put them just yet. We have more human bodies residing in this house, than we do dressers. Den and I are needing to make an Ikea run to get our closet ready for baby paraphernalia. For some reason the desire was just not there until Sis. Cherrie came. Of course, we went to see a brand new baby on Saturday, and that may have triggered something deep within

The baby was only a little over 5 pounds, and I am serious when I say he was as cute as a bug's ear. I swaddled him for a bit, and then I generously shared him with Den for a good rocking. That was all there was to it, we were smitten. We are officially ready for our new baby to come. Now to get EVERYTHING else in order.