Monday, January 21, 2008

Bro. Isaiah

What a beautiful weekend. I had no idea how this weekend would unfold, but God did. Thank you for answering another one of my prayers on my children's behalf. You are a generous and merciful Heavenly Father.

Here is our little assembly. Isn't it amazing to see how much it has grown since 9 months ago? All the brethren have gathered at the waters edge to watch Isaiah walk down in to that watery grave.

Bro. Sean was the one Isaiah asked to baptise him. We sang "Shall We Gather At The River", and then he knelt down to pray. This photo is sooooo beautiful to me. To see and to hear another man pray is so private and so humbling.

Here is Bro. Sean ministering about the importance of baptism.

Bro. Sean and Isaiah beginning their walk in to the water while the brethren sang "Go Bathe in that Beautiful Beautiful Pool".

I love how that he lets Isaiah lean on him while he makes sure his footing is sure. Just how it should be in real life. It touched me.
I love the smiles here.
Announcing what he is baptising him into.Down goes the fleshly man, making sure all is covered.

Bro. Isaiah sitting in the chair overlooking the water, while he continues to listen to how he will receive the holy spirit.

Den ministers on this for a while.

Bro. Sean, Bro. Dennis, Bro. Doyle, and Bro. Elvin lay hands on him to receive the holy ghost and certain gifts in the spirit. With a sensitive ear I listened to hear what it was they were praying over him.
My heart is so moved. I am so thankful that my second son has made this important choice, on his own, in the Lord's time.
When we first got to the lake the wind was whipping about briskly. I was shivering as I began to wait for the brethren to all gather around. I worried about how cold it would be for Bro. Sean and Isaiah. Once they walked down in to the water the wind just stopped. I was amazed as the temperature felt like it had risen remarkably. After Bro. Isaiah was sitting in the chair, Bro. Doyle announced that he and Bro. Brian had prayed that the Lord would stop the wind, and that he wanted to stop and thank the Lord by giving Him credit for this. Tears streamed down my cheeks because God is such a kind Father, and hears and answers so many of our prayers.
We had his ordinance supper later that night. Again a beautiful, traditional service that has been handed down from generation to generation.
The whole weekend was full of unexpected company and it all worked towards our good. I will share more later, but for now I want to savor these pictures and this moment in time.

Thank you to Sis. Tisha for remembering your camera, and to Sis. Marisela for snapping the shots that will burn a beautiful image in my mind forever.


Cherrie said...

Wow, that is so beautiful. I tried to call and say congrats this morning. I am so happy that the Lord did so much for you and Den. I love how the assembly is growing and I can't wait to be apart of that. Call me when you can.

Jules said...

That is wonderful! I'm always so happy to see new brethern! It is amazing how God does answer prayers. I'm just so happy for Isaiah and you guys!

Lori said...

Oh Trina ~ that is just so beautiful! I loved the pictures of them walking toward the river. Just priceless ~ I know you must be so proud and happy!

Raine said...

When mom told me last night that he got baptized, I squealed! I don't think I've met Isaiah yet, but I just think it's awesome when another young one gets baptized! Congrats to him! :)

Liberty said...

Congratulations! It is always so beautiful. Praise be to God in the highest!

marykathryn said...

That is just so wonderful that the Lord has called yet another one of your children into this way!!! This day was such a blessing for so many reasons and I am so excited and humbled to now count Bro. Isaiah as one of my brothers in Christ!!

Mami Dearest said...

What a special moment! God is so good.

Marisela said...

What a blessed weekend it was! I would love to have these pictures also. They turned out better than I thought they would. What a wonderful weekend....I am stll rejoicing

Anonymous said...

It is so awesome to be blessed enough to see our children (s) baptisim while we are still alive. Some parents never get to see their children get to make this public declaration, but God promises that he hears our prayers for our children!

Mrs.Martin said...

Thank you for putting up these special pictures of Isaiah. It is such a blessing to see them and be apart of the day. I love the smiles exchanged between Bro. Sean and Bro. Isaiah, so sweet and funny too. What a comfort to see our children come into the faith Trina. God is so good.

Mrs. Guthrie said...


Sister D said...

What a precious day God has given you to always keep in your heart. Thank you for sharing the sweet pictures. I can't help but be touched by seeing another man that God has chosen to be the light to this world in His sted. Praise be to our God,
Sister Dayna Hansen

Gram-Mom said...
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Gram-Mom said...

WOW how Great that has worked in your children congrats and thanks for shareing it with us Love Sister Charlene

Rayne said...

I wish I was there.. I miss you all.