Monday, July 23, 2007

A Bunny Goes A Long Way

We, as a family, had taken a drive. The coast isn't that far from us, and we decided to take the family to Tillamook to enjoy some ice cream at the Cheese Factory. It was packed, and a trip for ice cream seemed a little silly when we saw the looooong lines. However, we still managed to have a great time licking melted ice cream off waffle cones.

On the way back home, I was feeling decent, and so we decided to stop by and look at this little lighthouse. We parked the suburban and all piled out. The weather was drizzly, and the fog was quite thick, so much so that the ocean waves were better heard than seen. There was a long, black, asphalt path heading down to the lighthouse, so we followed it. There were tall trees lining it and the air felt so wet, green, and clean. It was wonderful to be walking along with my whole family. It felt sort of dreamy with the landscape beside us.

We went through the lighthouse, that we all squeezed into, and then happily climbed the long trek back up to the parking lot. Roman loved the freedom of running amok, but as other people would walk down the path, he was easily distracted, and would just stop and stare at them. Everyone would chuckle at the non-social skills of our toddler. Finally, Isaiah grew impatient, swept up his younger brother, and began to jog ahead. It must have tickled Roman's funny bone because he giggled and giggled as he bounced ahead of us. Abram began to chase after them, and within a few short minutes fell to the ground and skinned his bare knees pretty fierce. The howl that came from him could have woke the dead. Den jogged up to him, saw the bloody damage, and picked him up as well. He was difficult to console, and by looking at the gravel that was deeply embedded in his knee I knew it was going to be a long drive home.

Just then, Den saw a bunny ahead of us on the grassy knoll. He pointed it out in hopes that Abram would forget all about his pain. Abram zoomed in on the bunny, but was still whimpering. This is when I told Abram if he could catch the bunny we would bring it home for him. Well, that was all that had to be said, and the chase began. Den put Abram down, and we all paused to see the chase ensue. At first, with stealth, he began to sneak up on the unsuspecting bunny. How the bunny didn't see him, I don't know. In fact, he stayed so still, for so long, that I began to ponder how we we may have to carry the bunny on our laps for the long journey that lay ahead.....hehehe

Soon, Abram was about 10 feet from the rabbit when Roman spasmodically began running towards Abram and the bunny. We didn't dare yell out for we knew that the hare would disappear for sure. However, it wasn't long before the bunny caught a sideways glimpse of the chubby, orange shirt wearing, toddler and bee-lined back into the thick woods.

Abram was disappointed, but the deed was done. No, the bunny catching wasn't successful (I had no serious doubts), but the real quest, getting Abram's mind off his knees was. Yes, the blood was still streaming down to his shoes, but he was happy again. So we made sure he got a piece of gum that was "special" as we began to drive down the road again, and sure enough it must have been, because giggles and laughter were all that were heard from the backseat.


Mrs.Martin said...

That story made for a good chuckle, diverting sweet Abram with the bunny and having hopes to catch it. Calling Uncle Colin so he can read this post at the offce today.
Oh.. to be 6 again and believe all things are possible.

meNmykids said...

We get pretty good at the distracting thing don't we? Love your descriptive narrative. Glad that you had a moment without the yuck.

momto3blessings said...

good job destracting. Poor Abram.

I am glad you got to get out and have some family time without feeling too yucky.

Cherrie said...

You are a very good distractor. To bad he didn't catch that bunny. I hope his little knees are o.k. Glad you had some family time.

Anonymous said...

It sure sounds like you had a fun time. Of what a little distraction can do for us all.

Mother-of-Hope said...

LOL! I was cracking up when you told him if he could catch the bunny, he could keep it! You are one SMART mama!

Sounded like a gorgeous day though! Wish I could have been there. We don't have 'coasts' and 'lighthouses.' We have corn fields and outhouses. ;-)