Thursday, June 28, 2007

Quick Briefing

What to type about today? Hmmmm... so many thoughts, but so many of them are boring! Well let me just tell ya how my morning is going so far.

I hear a vacuum running downstairs, and dishes from the dishwasher clanking. Those are good sounds, and ones that reassure me that the chores are being underway.

I hear Abram singing a sweet little song that he has made up in his head, which means someone is content while putting silverware away.

I have an empty plate in front of me because Isaiah decided to surprise me with a beautifully made omelet. I thanked him profusely and thought that I am so blessed to have boys that are so giving, sweet, and thoughtful.

Roman is still sleeping, which is nice, and gives us all a chance to get things in order before we are called to duty.

I read some of my Created To Be His Help meet book today, and it is truly the most motivating book I have EVER read. He speaks to me again and again, while reading it. It pricks my heart and makes me more aware of my duty of wife and motherhood, while I am alive and well.

And, finally, I am sitting briefly on my computer to say hello to all of you. I will be popping back on later to quickly visit blogs, and see what everyone else in this whole wide world is up to.

Remember to have a great day, so that means ya have to say a little prayer, and then you are good to go.

Bye for now!


Jenn said...

Good morning!!! I am starting to read that book again! It is rather motivating isn't it?!
I am due July 31st since you ask and I keep forgetting to reply on my blog! Hehe!!! I can hardly wait for Hannah Grace to make her appearance!!

Trina said...

It is a great book. I put the graphic link in my sidebar for people who are interested in it. July 31st? You are in the homestretch Jenn! It will be so awesome to meet your Hannah Grace....loving that name!

marykathryn said...

What a great little outlook you have for the day..I too am feeling in a postitve mood and that means that good things are BOUND to happen..right??
Have a great day and oh yeah..

Trina said...

Mary: I hope your day turns out great and you get everything done on your list that you had hoped!! I am trying to do the same today. Live today with no regrets, right? Ya know I love you too!!!!

Mother-of-Hope said..., I was looking at that book on Amazon last week, but sort of thought maybe it wasn't for me. ;) I did buy this book though The Myth Of The Submissive Christian Woman: Walking with God without Being Stepped On by Others We'll have to compare reviews. ;)

Trina said...

Angel: I will go read about your book recommendation. Thanks!

ConservaChick said...

I was supposed to start that book at a study tomorrow, but unfortunately my daughter's ballet is at the same time. Too bad, I've been an "evil wife" lately (it's a term of endearment) and I KNOW I need to read that book. The Excellent Wife by Martha Peace is a great book on submission, etc. That book was HUGE for my marriage. ~Karlie

Kim in Idaho said...

Just took a minute to check in. I am trying to pull everything together for our summer singing and BBQ on Saturday. I cant believe it is hear already! Wish you guys were coming. We would LOVE to have you come join in and sing for us! What a treat! Some of the brethren from Harrisburg are coming too. I cant wait to see everyone. Maybe you will be able to grace us next year! ;0)

Lori said...

I can picture the organization and happiness around the house...boys are distracted with chores so Mommy can blog for a bit! :-) hee-hee!