Tuesday, May 01, 2007

A Girly Weekend!

This is Mary and I posing in our hotel room. We are wearing each other's shirts (such a girl thing to do), and yes that is the famous shirt that I blogged about. I know you are wanting to know if she got as many compliments wearing it as I do, and the answer is YESSSSSSS. Isn't that crazy? LOL

We had a girls' weekend away, and it was so nice. There is just something so comfortable and warm about being with Mary. We decided since it hadn't been working out for us to see each other's families that we would just meet half way and sneak some time away for just the two of us. We are blessed to be married to such giving, handsome (what does handsome have to do with it?....I dont know...it just felt right...hehehe) men....eight kids were left behind, while shooting this photograph...LOL

All the way up there (3 hours) I kept thinking about what we would do; a litttle shopping, Starbucks, movies, eating out. All with no kids in tow or hubbys to consider. Not that we don't love all of the above, but to be in a nice suite with just her and little ole' me is pretty grand.

I think my favorite part about our weekend was how we got some food, brought it back, got all comfy, slid into our goosedown beds, and watched our little girly flick. We stayed up late and chatted about life, and if I haven't said it before I will say it now...she is a great listener. We giggle so much it's ridiculous and fun!

We bought silly Hollywood magazines and went on and on about this style, how this person had changed, or how sad that someone was breaking up with so and so AGAIN!

All didn't end great though. My suburban, that has an alarm, was broken in to, while in the hotel parking lot. That was very disappointing. Some of my shopping was stolen, XM radio, cds, and of course the dash and door handle need to be replaced. So I had to file a police report, and then I was on my way home. I wish it could have ended on a better note, but at least I didn't have to do it alone.

I am so thankful for my friendships in this life. I have learned how to lean on them, and how I would never want to live through this life without them. Thanks Mary, I love you!


Mrs.Martin said...

Trina and Mary you look both wonderful and content! Hehe No kids and goosedown comforters, I can just picture it. My fav hotel always has a white goosedown and soft pillows. Mary looks awesome in the same blouse too! LOL

On a sober note, I am sorry you had to deal with your suburban getting broke into,with a car alarm and all.

I love you both and miss ya!

Lori said...

Good girlfriends are the BEST!! You guys are too cute! I recognized the shirt right off! ha!

Sorry about your car though!

Tricia said...

There is nothing more refreshing than a great friend and a hotel. God Bless your husband for letting you go.

This is something I do with a good friend of mine now and then and I always feel like I can handle my life again after a weekend in my pj's with my friend and copious amounts of chocolate!

Sorry about your car, what a pain.

Michelle said...

Ya'll are just too cute! The shirt looks great on Mary too! Oh, I have to tell you ~ I am in no way in the habit of watching Dr. Phil but Sarah was sick last week and I had to hold her a bunch ~ anyhoo one of the ladies he had on the show had on that shirt in a pinkish red color! I thought about you the moment I saw it :0)
I'm so sorry that your about your car getting broken in to! How awful!

michelle said...

Trina ,that sounds like you girls had a great time except for the car. Just wanted to tell ya today is Gale's birthday . michelle gray

momto3blessings said...

Sounds like Y'all had fun. Sorry it had to end on a sour note.

Nadine said...

First of all you both look great. You're right about that shirt.

I'm so sorry it ended on such a sour note - I pray for justice for you for what was stolen.

la bellina mammina said...

You both look great!! Glad to hear you girls had fun. Sorry to hear about what happened to your car. That must be awful.

meNmykids said...

You look great, both of you. Good to have good friends and families. I just talked to a guy whose daughter is on methamphetamine. They don't care what they take, just get the next fix. Anytime I hear of a break-in I think of the poor mixed-up felon whose life is out of control. Sorry that you had to suffer for the problems in his/her life. Don't let the ending rob you of the benefits of a weekend away.

meNmykids said...

Thanks for all your help!

Leah said...

How awful is that? It frustrates me that people can me so hateful and mean. I hope it doesn'r ruin the good memories you have of the trip. What fun!!! Andyou both look so cute. As soon as I saw the picture I thought - did she but the same shirt or is that Trina's? Heheee!
Hey, is your hair naturally curly? Either way it looks great!

Heth said...

What a fun time! Sounds just lovely. Except for the car, uugh.

marykathryn said...

Hey You!! It was a great weekend and I am sooooo glad that we do have the hubbys and life that we can steal sometime away and spend it with each other!! You ALWAYS bring a smile to my face and I adore you that!! Thanks for being you and we soooo are doing that again..someday, just another spot, ya think??
So Sorry that your suburban was broken into, but you took it like a champ!!
LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!

Fifi said...

That is just NOT FAIR..... I would like girlie time like that!!!!!

No seriously........I WANT girlie time like that!!!

Jokes aside..... I NEED girlie time like that..... you lucky ducky!
You both look extremely beautiful!