Wednesday, May 02, 2007

The Ant Mystery

Isaiah was loading the dishwasher when he came across a sippy cup, with a lid, that was full of ants. So when he popped off the top, ants came pouring out into the sink. Well Mr. Abram loves ants, always has had a love/hate relationship with them, maybe always will...who knows, right? Anyway, we all came to the quick conclusion that it was our mischievous six year old. So the troops were all asked to come forward so that I can give speech #48. That is the one where I explain why outside bugs, snakes, and critters are to stay outside and why. However, no one was accepting responsibility in the matter. Now I knew it wasn't Isaiah or he would have drowned the insects and we wouldn't have heard a peep, River was at work and I'm pretty sure he is passed the ant obsession phase, but that still left Levi and Abram who are in cahoots together alot.

I began to question the two boys who made it clear that neither of them remembered doing it. That always bugs me (no pun intended), but the "I don't remember" thing just doesn't fly in this house (again no pun intended). So I begin to zone in on Abram since, just yesterday, he brought in an ant, from outside, to show me. we are getting somewhere. He begins to explain how that he does love to bother them, but always with his hands or a stick, a cup had never came to his mind (seed of idea now implanted). Levi looks at me, when I begin to grill him, like I must be completely insane.

So the interrogation continues.....

So I have Isaiah go over the scenario AGAIN. He says he was doing the dishes when he popped off the sippy lid, and ants came pouring out all over. This is when I have a flashback. I was in the yard yesterday evening, and I saw Roman's blue sippy laying on the basketball court. I picked it up, and tossed it in the sink.
So I proceed to ask Isaiah, "Was it a bluuuuue sippy?"
Surprised, Isaiah says, "Yes."
I say...."Ohhh I did that!"
The boys looked stunned!
The next question came from the boys, in almost perfect harmony, "You put ants in a cup, and put it in the sink?"
Laughing heartily, I respond with, "No, but I saw it outside and grabbed it. The ants must have smelled the juice inside, and climbed through the hole while it was laying on the ground. Only for them to discover that they couldn't get out."
So relief crosses everyone's faces and the mystery was solved. How did this get flipped? How was I, now, the guilty culprit?!


Mrs.Martin said...

Well, I was laughing thru the post, picturing Abram admitting how he loved and hated the ants. Too funny. The post ended different than I thought it would. However, the troops being gathered together, to remind them of no critters inside the house is always good,especially for an all boys house.

momto3blessings said...

Too funny! It sure didnt end the way I thought it would. LOL

marykathryn said...

That is funny!! I can so see Abram expressing his feelings in his little way and all the other brothers waiting their turn to state their case...priceless!!

Lori said...

Thanks for a much needed laugh! ha!!

Steff said...

I find myself doing that in my classroom. Thankfully, my kids just roll with the punches!

Bugs, snakes, critters...I hope I don't have boys! No, that's not true. I'd love to have boys. I just hope that they don't bring me the above mentioned stuff to admire. I'm such a girl!

la bellina mammina said...

That's funny - it also shows the boys that you're not afraid to own up when you're guilty. Good lesson.

Nadine said...

Too least you got to the bottom of it.

meNmykids said...

The great interrogation. Such a dreaded obligation, but with wonderful rewards as your boys found out this time! Next time as soon as you begin they'll say "are you sure it wasn't you, Mom?". Funny.