Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Working Men

Today was a very productive day. River, 17, got his first job, outside of working for Den. He is starting on Thursday as a gas station attendant. You see, here in Oregon you are not allowed to pump your own gas, but since we lived in Washington he knows his way around a gas pump like an old pro. He is so excited to have a job, and to bring home some money.

This, in turn, got Isaiah all revved up to find some work too. However, he is only 15 (this month) and therefore needs to find something closer to home. So we got on my Microsoft Publisher program and made him up some business cards for doing yard work and handyman stuff. He went door to door and handed them out. He managed to get 7 people to throw some work his way. They were intrigued by the house full of boys, down the road, that homeschooled....lol That seemed to be the main topic of conversation, Isaiah said. I suggested that maybe we could charge admission if the yard maintenance part doesn't work out...hehehe.

So, this makes everyone pretty happy. The boys will have some spending money to enjoy the big city, soon enough. There are definitely some opportunities in the city that we didn't have in the country. Although, the country life is a beautiful thing, and will always have a special home in all of our hearts. Nevertheless, when in Rome.....WORK!


Mrs.Martin said...

When in Rome.. Work! Love it. We did the same thing when we got to Tulsa. My kids were intrigued with the hiring signs everywhere and they both had jobs quick. It would be a hoot to charge admission to let the sight see-ers look through the plexiglass and watch us in action. We could get popcorn and watch them Back. I know it is real when the neighbors are interested, but your boys are a good example too.

marykathryn said...

LOL... Well that is awesome that the guys got them some cashola coming in...Plus with summertime right around the corner it will be great cuz they can really invest some serious time into their jobs and maybe all the young kid traveling won't be such a "hit" on the mommas pocket book..hehe.
You have always taught your boys responsibility so it is no surprise that they like and want to work.

Salena said...

wohoo for strapping young men working!!! How exciting for them!

meNmykids said...

That is so great for the boys to be able to work. Earning money is such a confidence builder. You are right, the spontaneous has it's rewards,moving in a week is not something most women could do. Yet you seem to have done it and well. Your house looks great.

Trina said...
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Trina said...

Sis: Im surprised at how quiet this neighborhood is. I do believe that the activity, alone, coming from our backyard with the basketball hoop is enough to draw the crowd in...lol

Mary:Yes, Mama's pocketbook would have taken a beating for sure. I hope that it all works out and they end up making their own cashola!!

Salena: I know!! Work is a good thing for these boys of mine. The nice thing is that they are naturally driven to want to work. God designed men pretty neat.

Gale:You are right it is a confidence builder, and they are ready to go! Well to be honest, Ive been slug about the house yesterday and today...hehehe

Leah said...

I've been taking a few moments here and there today to catch up with you! My goodness have you been a busy girl or what? Wow! I think you've gotten a lot accomplished in such a little time. The house you are staying in is so beautiful and it looks like you are quite settled in! (Lovely job of decorating! It looks so you!) =) I'm curious - where or what kind of couch did you buy? We've been couch hunting and I keep thinking "I want a couch like Trina's!" Yours looks so comfortable!

I hope the boys enjoy their jobs. I had no idea in Oregon that you couldn't pump your own gas! (Kinda nice really, since I hate pumping gas and would love for a nice young man to come up and do it for me!) =)

Oh! And yes, my class has been going well. It's pretty self paced. Right now I'm just working on my final - a published website. It's so much fun but I'm definitely running into some snags so we shall see how it goes. Heheee!

Hugs to ya!
Leah =)

Jenn said...

Oh my goodness Trina! You have been a busy little bee! The Lord does provide and what a wonderful journey you have been on! That house looks like it was MADE for you all! Epecially the colors on the walls!
Many blessings!

momto3blessings said...

Tell Riv Congratulations and Isaiah also. You have such awesome hard working boys!

Cherrie said...

I sure could use one of those boys for awhile. I am glad that they got a job. I was 15 when I got my first job. I loved making the money. I hope they enjoy all the money they make.... Let me know if you start charging people to come see your house full of boys...heehhe. I might come and buy a ticket...hehehe

Trina said...

Leah: I got my couch at a place called SavMart. I will check to see what the brand is on it though. It has goosedown for the fill, so that makes it super comfy!

Jenn: Hi there! Yes we have been on quite the journey for sure!! I love the house colors too...God is good about the details, isnt He? lol

Cheryl: I will tell them you said that for sure!

Cherrie: Jobs are soo good for teens! Hey you know I wouldnt charge you admission...you know too much...lol

Nadine said...

You have a way with words. Congratulations to River for his 1st job on his own. The other thing about OR is no tax...go shopping. BTW did you know when you go back to WA and shop all you have to do is show you OR driver's license and no tax.

Sunydazy said...

I've been so inspired reading about your move. (my hubby is from WA BTW), We are soon to move and are anxious to see how it all comes together. My oldest boy is 16 and would love to get a job but I have suggested he wait until we get settled in our new home state. Thanks for sharing all about your move!

Pirate said...

Tell River pumping gas is how Narvin Johnson got his start.

Every NW American man (and woman)should get their working experiences started on a gas pump. Its one of the few jobs left for the young and ambitious.