Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Here We Are.....

This is what the back of a Uhaul truck looks like alongside I-5, for an hour. Don't be jealous!

The baby wouldn't have anything to do with staying in a Uhaul truck for an hour, so Levi took him outside to explore. All the way staying in his arms, since the freeway wasn't very far away.

This is Abram sitting beside me, in the overfull capacity of our suburban, at the Uhaul dealership. Are you seeing a theme here?

This is what the view was outside our suburban windshield, while sitting at the Uhaul dealership for 2 hours.

Just in case you couldn't read between the lines, our Uhaul truck broke down on Interstate 5. It was a glorious rainy day, with five kids....lol After they replaced the fuel pump and the ignition we were off and running again. It was a bit of crisis, since we needed to be down at the rental office to sign our lease by 4pm, and it was still over 2 hours of traveling time ahead of us, and we didn't know when Uhaul would get done with our truck.

So as to not keep you all in suspense, we arrived at the rental agency at 3:45pm. Whew!

Since we have arrived, Friday, we have been busy unloading three vehicles, and beginning to unpack. We have made some serious progress, and the house is starting to feel more like our home. I really love it! The space for everything is delicious!! I just don't know what I may do with myself!

I have had my few trips to Starbucks since we've been here, which has made me abundantly happy. In fact, yesterday morning, I was overly exhausted from all the moving so I asked River he would mind running up to the Starbucks, that is 2 miles away (yeah, you heard me right....2 MILES.....I'm feeling a wee bit spoiled!) to get me a venti nonfat triple shot mocha. He quickly said yes (anything to get him out and about). So within 15 minutes I had a gigantoooooor sized mocha in my sweaty little hands, and I drank that smooth concoction with all the appreciation of someone that had been stranded on a deserted island, could muster.....and oh yeah my nose itched like nobodies business, but it was a price I was willing to pay! lol

Here is a couple pictures of the downstairs rooms that I have already put together. Nevermind the upstairs, we are still swimming in boxes there.

I still want to get a big picture to hang above the mantle, but for now this will do. I fell in love with this black wooden "Blessings" sign, and then put family pictures all about. I thought that would be fitting.

We had to buy a little round table to fit into the kitchen nook. I also began to hang all my coffee stuff on the walls. The wall colors in this house make me very happy.

I will take more pictures later, but for now you get the idea, right?


Kim in Idaho said...

Trina, I am so glad you arrived safe and sound. I talked to Dayna last night and told her about your adventure. I need to send your blog address to her so she can stop in and say HI! Can't wait to hear more as the new life starts to unfold and what God has in his plan for you.

momto3blessings said...

Im sorry the trip down was soo cruddy. But atleast you made it safe and sound. I cant believe you are just a short jaunt down the street from me.WOOHOO!
I love the pictures of the house it looks very nice. The colors are very happy.

meNmykids said...

Wow! You have had enough excitement in the last month to last for a bit eh? Memories were made undoubtably. The house looks beautiful, and to have your itchy coffee that accessable would be a blessing all on it's own. I look for that area to really prosper. Can't wait to hear who moves in next. Somehow it just hasn't seemed right for there to be such an emptiness there for the last while.

Michelle said...

I'm sorry you had such a hard time getting there ~ but I am glad you made it safe!
I love your house! and the couch looks wonderful in the new living room ~ Love, Love the kitchen!!!!

Cherrie said...

I was so excited when I got on and saw you posted. Yaaaa , I so have missed you. The house looks awesome you have been a very busy woman from the looks of things. I so loved the BLESSING sign. And what can I say you might have a very itchy nose for awhile if Starbucks is that close and you have a teenage driver to deliver....I so want one of those teenage drivers to run for me.lol

Mrs.Martin said...

Well,only 5 days later, husband has a wonderful job/new career and your decor is up on the already perfect shades of paint. You never cease to amaze me. Your chairs around your table are the exact same that I just purchased. Very odd Sis. Or not. lol May the Lord bless you with more brethren soon, I have a good feeling about it.
I heard several are going to the McManus for the weekend. Have a Great Easter Trina. Again, love the warm atmosphere you have already created for your sons.

5atkins said...

So glad that the Lord has brought you to your new home safely! Just think how boring it would be for your avid readers had you not had some kind of adventure along the way! It would be like watching Andy Griffith and Barney not doing something like Barney does! :) You are much cooler than Barney though!

The house is beautiful! What a great job you have done making it so pretty and peaceful so quickly! Thank you for sharing that the upstairs was not quite so perfect! I am praying for the Lord to use you and this home to glorify Him and strengthen the brethren and sistren (sp? :)) there!

Have a blessed Resurrection Day! In Him, Eva

Trina said...

Kim: Thanks! Im glad we all arrived safe and sound too. Whew...what an adventure!

Cheryl: Yep...almost neighbors now!The colors make me VERY happy...hehehe

Gale: I think its gonna prosper too. I am anxious to see who moves in and how soon.

Michelle: This red couch was made for this room...LUCKILY! We just got lucky. lol

Cherrie: My nose will be red and itchy for a bit..Im sure! lol Teenagers are AWESOME!!

Sis: I am looking forward to jaunting down to Brownsville this weekend. Let the festivites begin!

Eva: The Andy Griffith show? That is hysterical...love it!! Ohhh if you could just SEE my upstairs, well everything would be very right in your world...hehehe

Fee said...

What an adventure!!!!!But you made it and you're all safe!
I cannot believe how quickly you have unpacked! Your house is looking homely already! Well done !
Will visit very soon
Love Fifi

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! SO glad ya'll arrived safe and sound.


Nan said...

Gosh Trina!! Look at you! Almost all settled in there. The place looks fantastic! I love your decor.

Oh and I am so sorry about your U-Haul experience. We've had a similar (though not quite as bad) experience with U-Haul and will NEVER use U-Haul again. Penske all the way now (not that we are planning any moves any time soon!)

Here's to getting settled in quickly! You are well on your way!

Nadine said...

I'm very happy you got there safely. You have good kids looking out for the little guy. I had an experience with Rider when our truck broke down...I might have to blog about it. Anyway, glad your safe and your new home looks so lovely.

How did you get that room done so quick with 5 kids I would still have boxes in the living room. Nice job.

Trina said...

Fee: Life is ALWAYS an adventure isnt it? lol

Tiffany: I am so glad we all got down here and all went as well as it did. It could always be worst, right?

Nan: You know my sister didnt have a very good experience with UHaul either. There wasn't much of a selection up there, but if we have a choice we will choose elsewhere.

Nadine: The main area always goes fast for me, the bedrooms linger in boxes for a bit though.

Salena said...

Oh Trina,
We sooooooo know the feeling of a U Haul breaking down. We were about 6 hours from our home when ours broke down on the interstate. The weather in Sept in ND is much different than CA so we werent dressed that warm to just sit in a corn field near the interstate. Thank God warm clothes were in a box at the back of the U haul. At the time we only had Ethan but it took a wrecker about 4 hours to get to us and tow us to the nearest town, 2 hours away. By this time its well past midnight so we had to spend the night a a cheap motel. The next day the U Haul was fixed and it would get us only 12 miles shy of our final destination before breaking down AGAIN!!! This time we had it towed to the front of our new home to unload, then had U Haul have someone tow their piece of crap moving van away from our new house. Anywho we have vowed to NEVER use U Haul EVER again.
Glad you all made it safe and sound and I LOVE LOVE LOVE your new home, that red melts my heart! And a Starbucks, you lucky dog!!!

Trina said...

Salena: That is awful! Uhaul doesnt have a very good reputation does it? That could have been a REAL disaster for you guys!! I will definitely look into other trucks next time, which hopefully wont be for a LONG time!

Steff said...

So happy you arrived safe and sound! I LOVE the blessings sign on your mantle. I think you should keep it there...you have had so many blessings involved with this move! I hope the settling continues to go smooth. :)

marykathryn said...

LOVE THE NEW HOUSE...even if the zip code had to change..hehe
So glad you guys made it safe and sound and I knew you would have that place looking amazing in no time!!!!!!!!!
Can't wait to see it in person!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

kristarella said...

Is that the Lord or what...
the walls match your new couch as if it was preplanned. Perfect.
Can't wait to see upstairs.

Randi said...

Welcome home! Your living room looks great. The BLESSINGS sign is adorable!

Nicki said...

Oh, Trina, I am so glad that you all seem to be settling in so nicely. I'm going to remember to never use U-Haul that is for sure! I know how trying those unexpected things can be while you are travelling. During our last trip to the beach back in September, I had to spend 5 HOURS in a KFC with three kids, in a strange town, while Hubby was on the other side of town having our car worked on. I grew so much spiritually in that 5 hours. LOL!

Anyway, the house looks wonderful! I am so excited for you! I LOVE the BLESSINGS sign and the SIMPLIFY one too! Where did you get them?

Enjoy your new home! I can't wait to hear about what the Lord has planned for you now that you are there!

Rosann said...

Trina, I'm so glad you made it safely to your new home. The house looks fantastic! It seems as if it was made for your family and your stuff :) Glad you are getting settled in, and I pray that God continues to bless you as you serve in this new place.

Trina said...

Steff: I think I will keep there, it is such a great reminder!

Mary: Cant wait to see you next week too!

Kristarella: I truly think God was in this house in more ways than one...hehe

Randi: Thanks Randi! I love the Blessings too!

Nicki: I remember reading that post about your vehicle breaking down...nightmare! I truly wouldnt recommend Uhaul for sure! And you spotted the simplify sign...hehehe

Rosann: Thanks! I pray that God allows us to do all that we are meant to do here too, otherwise it would all be vain. So I need to remember that!

Heth said...

Your new house is lovely! I hope you can settle in quickly.

Carol G said...

My! A lot has happened to you and your family since I've been over to catch up on you! Obviously you've moved - both blog and house! If you haven't thought of a picture to go above your mantle, may I suggest something? My sister has a professional family picture hanging over her mantle - it looks so nice. I can imagine you and all your handsome men. It would look awesome!

Carol (threelittleladies at homeschoolblogger)