Tuesday, April 10, 2007

What Is The Deal With This Blouse?

There is just something about this blouse. When Mary and I went away for her 30th birthday we went shopping, and as soon as I saw this blouse hanging on the rack I just new I had to have it. And the rest is .....well.....strange...lol

Everytime I wear this, blue with black polka dotted, blouse I have MANY people ask me where I bought it, and even how much I paid for it. I smile and give them all the silly nonsensical details. People have an odd, sort of, affection for it. I have bought many a blouse in my day, but for some reason this blouse has this strange lure to it. I have no idea what it truly is though.

So we went to visit an assembly this weekend, not so far away, and I decided to wear the said blouse. As soon as I got there the compliments on this shirt began. It's actually a little embarassing. We aren't talking about me at all, just the blouse. The blouse that should be given a name at this point, for it sort of leads a life all of its own.

Anyway we had a potluck/bbq while we were there, and I must have gotten some sauce on this sacred blouse, for everyone noticed it right away. It was like I was wearing Princess Diana's dress, and I defiled it or something. I felt sort of piggish in it, at this point, and unworthy of adorning my body with it. After all, how could someone be so careless as to have gotten ANYTHING on it....rofl

So as I was standing up, a few teenage girls came over and began to examine the stains. There were three stains, to be exact, they counted. Two were below the belt, across my belly button, and one was across my bust line. Yeah...I know...use a napkin right? (At least I was enjoying my meal.) So one of the girls, (Catherine) stated that she had a Tide Stick for just such occasions. I reassured her not to worry about the stains I would take care of it later, but nooooo the blouse needed to be cleaned right there on the spot. Beginning to feel a little conspicuous, we waited quietly for Catherine to return. Soon enough, Catherine came back with her Tide-On-The-Go stick and I began to work on my belly. One girl was helping to hold my top tight on the bottom, while I began to dab the stick in to my soft belly. Everyone waited and watched to see the magic work. I wasn't sure if I should suck my belly in since the shirt was held so tight that you could seriously see my belly button. This is when I will insert the word "AWKWARD!" After the two spots, below my belt line, were just wet spots, the girls began to eye my bustline. However, this is where I drew the line. I said, "No." They began to chide me that I should just take care of it. A few more ladies began to walk over to find out what all the hullabaloo was. I began to giggle nervously, and stated quite emphatically that I did NOT want to walk around with wet spots across my belly button and my bustline. There had to be a limit to the cleaning of the blessed blouse. Everyone began to giggle, and I quickly turned away and headed for the bathroom.

So, as I was telling Mary about my blouse experience she began to laugh. She has been with me when I have worn this blouse, and the sort of attention that IT receives. Trust me...this shirt has a personality all of its own. I quite confidently say that ANYONE could wear it, and it would get the same attention. I am wondering if I should have it drycleaned, tissued up, sent in a well insured box, and flown to the Smithsonian for the whole world to see. Its just one of those weird phenomenas......LOL!
So if you see this blouse at your neighborhood Burlington Coat Factory for 14.99...nab it!!! Or, if you want to stay a little more low key, just walk away........


Cherrie said...

By the way you look great. And what can I say everyone needs a blessed blouse to get them some attention....hehehe. By the way if the blouse would make me look that good I would never take it off.

Heth said...

Seriously. That blouse rules. LOVE IT!

marykathryn said...

Okay so I HAVE experienced all the attention that comes with this little beauty and if I would have known that it was destinied for such greatness I would have bought the red one..hehe
Seroiusly it is kinda weird, but you are such a cutie in it so I'm guessing that, that might have a little something to do with it..uhhhh ya think??

Anonymous said...

Even I noticed it the first time she came out in it and I dont pay that close attention very often. It is very cute babe

Den at work

Trina said...

Cherrie: Everyone DOES need a blesed blouse...rofl

Heth: Well go get ya one Missy!

Mary: You and I have talked about how weird it is!! lol

Den: What? Are you leaving me comments? Aren't you the sweetest honey EVERRRRRR!!!

Mrs.Martin said...

Okay, what is this world coming to with Den leaving a comment? Lovin that! BTW Love YOUR blouse! LOL

I can totally see Lisa's daughter all worried about stains, she has taught her well. And the awkwardness of IT all. LOL

Lori said...

This is my first read on your blog, and I am laughing!! Love it!

Rosann said...

Well, you have cracked me up again! That is too cute :) Who says you have to spend big bucks to turn heads? Sounds like your hubby thought it was $14.99 well spent too. Enjoyed the FUNNY read :)

Trina said...

Sis: I know...I about fell out of my computer chair when Den commented too...hehehe Yes, Lisa has raised those girls right!

Lori: Im glad you stopped by and that you were amused...hehehe

Rosann: Yes, hubby definitely approved!! You certainly dont have to spend big bucks to turn heads, just find a freakishly attractive top.

Nadine said...

I love that your husband left you a comment...too sweet. That is a cute blouse and you look great in it. I love the color. That story was too funny...you always make me smile. Thanks.

Trina said...

Nadine: He is a sweetie pie! Im glad I made you smile!

Michelle said...

oh, I just love it! I might have to run to our local Burlington Coat Factory and pick me one up! It is just too cute! And I LOVE your hair ~ so pretty
What a sweet hubby to comment on your blog!
Hope ya'll are having a wonderful week!
Love ya

Jenn said...

First let me just address how smokin hot you are in that blouse! No wonder it gets so much attention, girl you rock that thang!!!
Second, Den is super sweet for leaving you a comment!
As always love your posts!

la bellina mammina said...

you look great in that blouse and the color suits you - love your story too!

diane said...

That's hysterical! If I had a Burlington Coat factory around here, I'd nab it...it's so cute!

Leah said...

Heheeee! Too funny! Well, I know why that blouse gets so much attention - it's so adorable, yes - but the girl wearing it is the reason it gets so much attention! You look great in it! =) And no wonder you just had to have it. Now I'm thinking I just have to have one too. We have a Burlington Coat Factory here and I might just pop in to see if they've got it. Ya, know Burlington ought to be paying you for all this free advertising! =)